Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mr Soros' Little (paid) Munchkins have been busy again


The fabled terrorist Bill Ayers was also on hand.

So, when you don't like a candidate, you threaten violence, rape and shootings.  Seems reasonable.

But George Soros, sugar daddy of the Black Lives Matter movement, appears to be digging deep into his wallet once more.  Thanks for tipping your hand once again, George.

Like him or not, Trump is getting the right kind of enemies.


Christopher Manion has some thoughts:

and more:


TLM said...

As much as I don't think Trump has ANY qualifications to sit in the Oval Office, it is eye opening to see the enemies he is gathering. What is so disturbing is the Church's response, and in all the op-eds I've read, even from Bishops, they are all, even if 'unofficially'on the #Never Trump bandwagon. Funny that we didn't see that with Obama....disturbing if I want to be more accurate, and.....very telling. For that single reason alone, he becomes more attractive. Yes, he's crude and rude and comes across like a bully but I am wondering if that is a strategic maneuver. He's tapped into something no other Candidate has including Hillary. I do think he is correct to label this a 'movement'. It may be scary to see him win the Presidency, but no more scary than Obama has been.

Anonymous said...

Doubt that there is anything that Mr. Trump can do to be safe. The Tribe is intent on getting rid of him and they will use ANY means, including assassination.
1) Stir opponents up to cause verbal chaos at his rallies. (The initial protesters are paid. The ones coming after are not.)
2) Have a protester attack the stage. (Show that he is vulnerable, even with Secret Service. The crazies will take notice.)
3) Arm an unhinged Mexican or Muslim with a suicide bomb and send them in to do their demonic deed.
As sick as this sounds, it would not surprise me if it happened.
Of course, the Tribe will be blameless . ( " It was some Muslim (or Mexican) that he made angry. )

And their little Israel-lover, Cruz, gets the nod for the nomination.

Aged parent said...


You have made a brilliant observation: where indeed were the Bishops when that monster Obama was running? Or now with the wicked witch Hillary?


Frankly speaking, I do fear the powers-that-be might be tempted to pull a JFK on Trump. Both the CIA and its counterpart in Tel Aviv are past masters of that particular craft.

TLM said...

Yes, I fear for Trump's life as well. As a BTW, Rubio came out and actually said that if Trump were to make it in the Primary, he could not support him because of the 'violence' he perpetuates. And Rubio will support who?????? HILLARY?????? They are so full of B.S. When likely THEY are the ones behind all this along with the Democrats.

Aged Parent: Yes, I do think this is what disturbs me the most. They seem to be going along with the Democrats & Republicans & the Media in shutting Trump out. It's been commonly reported that the Church accepts 'donations' from both parties (but especially the Democrats) for their different Ministries etc. Hmm....seems as though they don't want to upset their 'gravy train'. I guess they think that American Catholics can't see through this. And through all their anti Trump diatribes, NOTHING has been mentioned as far as I have read, about the life and marriage issues in which Hillary is enemy number one......NOTHING!!!


aly said...

Je Suis Donald Trump !

Anonymous said...

Marco Rubio sold his soul to Sheldon Adelson with promises of power and gold. ( "All of these kingdoms will I give to Thee, if thou bow down and worship me." )

I shudder to think how Rubio debased himself in front of Adelson. Adelson has now thrown his withered soul on the ash heap.

Rubio mentioned God multiple times in his concession speech. He now sees what turning his back on Him got him. A tough lesson learned.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon.

The initial Approved Candidates were Hillary and Rubio. Now that Rubio is out I am not certain who the Power Brokers will get behind. I doubt it will be that idiot Kasich. That leaves Mr Cruz and Mr Trump. They don't like Cruz, even with his connections to Wall Street and the Israel Firsters, and they despise Trump. Who knows what they'll do? Trump is going to the AIPAC conference (which some wags call the Sanhedrin) to address them, so what he tells them will give us a pretty good indication of where he stands on this issue.

This whole election has been monumentally depressing.

Anonymous said...

The choices in this election are like trying to pick out an edible orange in a one month old basket of them.
The Tribe always plays both sides of the fence. I believe that the power brokers are firmly behind Clinton. The Clintons (Bill and Hillary) have always been low-hanging fruit for them. Corrupt, degenerate, amassing wealth beyond belief without doing anything, and susceptible to blackmail. It would curl what little hair that I have left to know some of the dealings that they have been involved in. The Tribe has her on a short leash. (They even put a Jew in place to be her son-in-law.)
Hillary has this in the bag. The Republican clowns are there to distract and entertain.

And as an off-topic postscript: A fourth Jew was nominated to the Supreme Court today. This may languish until after the election but he will not go away. He will be "robed" by this time next year. Count on it.

Aged parent said...


The Big Money is certainly behind the Wicked Witch, but now they also seem to be getting behind Mr Cruz. His recent picks of foreign policy advisers is rather disgusting.

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