Tuesday, December 15, 2015

We didn't listen

We didn't listen.  We weren't fruitful.  We did not multiply.  And now the inexorable results.

Our refusal to accept the children that God wished us to have has now brought us to the brink. A quick glance at the current migration crisis in Europe is a revealing look at what our one-or-two kids mentality has brought to us.  We have contracepted, NFPd and aborted ourselves to something bordering on oblivion.

Where is everybody?

The answer is, they were never born.  And so the empty spaces that we have created will be filled by others, sometimes by good people, other times by criminal layabouts.  We had much help in bringing this situation to pass.  For example, in order for Ford Motor Company to have enough workers for their factories in the 1940s, and so that do-gooding, anti-Catholic meddlers like the Quakers could feel good about themselves, a massive migration of southern blacks were brought to the North, and in so doing the Catholic ethnic neighborhoods like those in Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Milwaukee, etc. were destroyed, never to return or revitalize.  But Big Business, anti-Catholic interests and the Quakers had to be appeased even if it meant turning charming and safe neighborhoods into hell holes.  Where once there were charming neighborhoods of Irish, Italians, Germans, Jews, Polish and Russians there are now war zones and destruction.

And now Europe.  Catholicism is dying in Europe, helped by a moribund Church that has all but ceased teaching the Faith, and the results are the same: fewer children.  Now we see who it is who will be filling that vacuum.  The same interests that destroyed the ethnic neighborhoods in America in the 1940s to the 1970s, or their descendants,  are trying to destroy the remnants of European Catholic culture by facilitating an influx of refugees their own wars and policies created.

Our dislike of having children had enormous help from the weird idea called Feminism, a swindle perpetrated by some pretty smart people in order to wreck our homes, drive our women into the workforce, put our one or two children into the hands of uncaring daycare workers or over-taxed grandparents, and suppress the natural longings of the fair sex, transforming some of them into neurotic harridans or worse.  Feminism was also providing fertile ground for the rise and tolerance of the homosexual perversion.

The Money Power knew its target well and acted accordingly.  Anything that discouraged the begetting and nurturing of children was grist for their mill.  They loved the idea of women in the workplace; their cynicism and manipulations over the issue were observed by not a few.  To them it meant a whole new set of consumers, a rise in prices and profits and a reinforcement of a slave mentality.  They wanted unthinking, overworked robots who would not question.  And that is precisely what they got.

It is very late in the day, almost too late.  But this situation can be reversed.

Don't reject the children God wants to send to you.


DJR said...

Suggested reading:

The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal as Ethnic Cleasing, by E. Michael Jones (pricey).

American Freedom and Catholic Power by Paul Blanshard, Socialist and friend of Margaret Sanger.

Aged parent said...

Dear DJR:

I have read Slaughter of the Cities, a brilliant (but extremely depressing book - depressing because I saw much of that destruction with my own eyes in the 60s and 70s, and saw many charming neighborhoods turn into hell holes), and briefly mentioned it on this blog awhile ago.

I haven't read the Blanshard book, but I know he was one of the villains.

Thanks for your comment, and with every good wish for Advent and the coming Christmas Season...


Anonymous said...

Very true...BUT the evidence relating to the destruction of Philadelphia points to malice aforethought by powerful Quakers.
It is also a media myth that massive 3rd world migration is needed to fill the ranks of Europe's depleted workforce. It simply isn't true. Most of Europe's hi-tech industries are heavily automated and require little manpower, and all the old labor intensive industries such as shoe making are now 'off-shored' to 'Nam and China.
It is only our fault to the extent that we acted and behaved like children without due sobriety and seriousness during the 1960s and 70s. We were encouraged to act so by both temporal and spiritual 'leaders', which indicates they were not true leaders at all but those hellbent on destruction.
It is often said a people get the leaders it deserves, well we certainly deserved better leaders than those we have suffered for the past 60 years.
Also the average citizen is to a great degree controlled by the media of news and entertainment. Whatever is corrupting and destructive is dangled before our eyes and made to appear fashionable and desirable.
Hey, I'm singing to the choir!

Joy313 said...

I am a 4th generation Philadelphia black Catholic. My people did not migrate from the south -- they co-existed peacefully with the other Catholics, immigrants who came AFTER us. Catholics in Philadelphia always got along amicably together -- my parents and their parents went to predominately white schools and it was no big deal. I think you need to be more broad-minded.

Aged parent said...

Dear Joy313:

Many thanks for the comment.

What I was referring to and hoped to make clear was that the migration of agrarian workers from the South during the 30s-60s was, as Anonymous mentioned above, created at the behest of certain groups who had their own agendas, one of those agendas being the breakup of Catholic ethnic neighborhoods. To be sure that migration did not include those who already had roots in your city of Philadelphia, or mine. It is a sad fact that this migration has not worked out well for various reasons, and racial tensions - much of it created by those who enjoy chaos - were created where hitherto they had not existed. The results of that are with us today as seen in a number of generations of children being born into no family life, certainly many without a father in the household. I say these things in sorrow, not anger. We are of the Faith, and that should be the criteria we should use when dealing honestly with each other.

As far as being more broad-minded, that is good advice for anyone and I accept your suggestion with gratitude. (And I can well remember too how my views changed when I began my international travels. "Travel broadens the mind" is certainly a truism.)

With every good wish for you and yours during this Holy Season....


Anonymous said...

Capitalism won and this is the inevitable result. 50 percent of the population make less than 15 bucks an hour. No amount of moralizing against contraception or NFP will make people have more kids when they can't afford the one or two they already have.

Anonymous said...

People are not sheep. Even in today's anti-life climate, there are devout families willing to accept many children, and to make sacrifices so that the kids have a full-time mom. The reality is that some of us "cannot afford" not to have children--regardless of how others view our economic status.

It's a cop-out to blame the economy when people in the US and Europe don't have the guts, stamina, or desire to have babies. This Catholic "rabbit"--to adopt the Pope's term in his "Rabbitgate" interview (which Cardinal Turkson has just copied)--thanks the Lord for sending us six little rabbits.

Anonymous said...

"Travel broadens the mind". This reminds me of the Chesterton essay to the contrary.

Dad29 said...

Distantly related to this post, but interesting to you, AP, nonetheless:


For two reasons, as you will see.

Blessed Christmas and New Year to you and yours!

Dymphna said...

"were brought" Are you saying that somebody went South gathered up a bunch of black people and gave them money and train tickets to head North? My mother is 73 and doesn't recall that at all.

Aged parent said...


My phrasing over that incident may have been less than precise, I grant you. But the whole story of how this was accomplished, stated in a non-controversial way, has been well documented in quite a few books. One book by Dr E Michael Jones was referenced in a comment here.

Yes, corporate interests wanting cheap labor to fill their northern factories did indeed entice Southern blacks to travel north for jobs. Whether you approve of the displacement of the local ethnics (Italian, German, Irish, etc) from their jobs, and homes, or not is beside the point. An example: Milwaukee's Socialist mayor actively recruited these workers by newspaper ads and billboards placed in the South, and other northern mayors did the same. Those people had to have a place to live and other interests - do-gooding Quakers, social justice mavens, Jews and socialists, etc. - working hand-in-hand with compliant realtors, would buy up houses in ethnic neighborhoods and literally move in a black family, which could not but bring on strife. So, the quiet, peaceful Italian or Polish neighborhoods our parents grew up and lived in are now hideous war zones. You can argue why the new homeowners and renters allowed these neighborhoods to go to hell but you cannot argue that they are indeed unsafe, unstable and horrible now. You can debate why murder rates have exploded in the past seventy-eighty years but it would be impossible to deny that they have.

And, yes, often times money and transportation was indeed provided to these southern agrarian workers to come North. This is not a startling revelation; it has happened and has been thoroughly detailed by those who favored this ethnic cleansing of once-Catholic neighborhoods and those who opposed it.

I saw much of this first hand. I am about eight years younger than your mother but what was happening in the city I grew up in was obvious to everyone. When even blacks like Thomas Sowell can decry this then I think we are on safe ground. In a perfect, Catholic world such strife would be far, far less than it is now. But this is America.

Joy313 said...

Thank you very much for your kind response, Aged parent. And I am sorry if I was a little touchy. It just seems that race relations now are way worse than they were a generation or two ago, and that is perplexing to me. i agree with you about the nefarious agendas -- particularly those of the democratic party, since it is in their best interest keep minorities from helping themselves. No "victim" = no democratic platform!

Aged parent said...

Thank you again, Joy313, for your comment. May the blessings of the Christ Child be upon you and your family.

Kindest personal regards...


Anonymous said...

And here is the Money Power:

Aged parent said...


Thanks for the link. I've been seeing more and more of these kinds of remarks. George Soros is another. On the one hand he "laments" publicly on the influx of refugees into Christian Europe, and privately he funds this massive transfer of non_Christians into Europe. Soros himself is a wealthy member of the Tribe and rarely misses an opportunity to promote strife and discord. He is a swine.

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