Friday, December 4, 2015

Eric Margolis has some advice for Obama the Mad

Concentration of forces is the most basic  law of military science. Victory on the battlefield is won by amassing as many troops as possible at the key point of attack, or ‘schwehrpunkt,’ as it’s known in German.
Unfortunately, the amateur strategists in the White House seem to have been studying social anthropology and women’s issues instead of basic military science.  What they want is, to use the term coined by Russian poet Yevtuschenko, a half war.
This week, Pentagon chief Ash Carter, announced the US  would send about 200 more special forces troops to Iraq and Syrian to fight the Islamic State.  After vowing not to send troops to the Mideast, President Obama has by now deployed 3,500 new US soldiers to Iraq for “training.” 
The best way to lose or at least prolong a war is by committing penny packets of troops.  The US did precisely this in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan – and lost all these wars.   Now, we’re on to more half-measures in the Levant.
President Barack Obama’s first instincts to avoid any more wars were absolutely correct.  But the course of political events and the Paris massacre have dragged him into more rather than less military misadventures in the Mideast and Afghanistan.   Obama’s senior strategic advisors, Susan Rice and Samantha Power, have been steadily providing wrong-headed, even calamitous advice.
America’s mighty – perhaps almighty- military industrial complex, the Republican war party, neoconservatives and imperialists – keep impelling the US towards new wars in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria in spite of Obama’s desire to end America’s addiction to foreign conflicts.  Some of these cranks want a full-blown war with nuclear-armed Russia.

While Mr Margolis is far too kind to our illustrious Emperor his article is well worth a look.  Read the rest of the article here.


aly said...

I for one hate living in a Big Lie. And I resent them for ruining the life of our posterity. These smart behinds are very stupid aren't they..

Dad29 said...

Margolis is largely correct, but I take (limited) exception to this:

"...No one will admit that most of ISIS’s attacks are revenge for US and French bombing of their towns and villages, nor that their gruesome executions of prisoners are meant to recall Guantanamo’s prisoners...."

That may be partially true, but Margolis--falling in line with GWBush, the NeoCons, Obama, and their faithful servants in the MSM--has blinders on when he fails to mention the religion aspect.

ISIS, unlike AlQuaeda and Hamas, has declared a caliphate. This changes the game; it is a category-shift. That declaration is a license for total war against all non-believers, in contrast to AlQ/Hamas' war(s) against US interests, various Mideastern non-believers, and the Jews.

Blaming the US is yesterday's stuff, and the sooner Margolis (et al) realize this, the better off we are. Meantime, go armed or don't go anywhere.

aly said...

dear Dad29. You know very well that sins aren't forgiven if sins are not repented in sincerity. The guilty must repent and promise in sincerity with God's help to make amends and to stop this sinning.

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