Monday, September 14, 2015

The Wisconsin Big Businessmen Who Support the Hacking up of Children

Dr E Michael Jones has shown us how it is Big Business interests that support the sodomy movement, as illustrated in the case of the recent Indiana religious freedom bill, which went down to defeat when the corporate world flexed its muscles (to the delight of Washington).  The collusion of Big Business with Big Government, aka Fascism, has never before been so blatant as it is in America right now - and not just in America, to be sure.

Jones, from the May 2015 Culture Wars publication:

“What puzzles me is how this effort came to the top of the legislative agenda when clearly the business community doesn’t support it,” said Bill Oesterle, an aide to former governor Mitch Daniels and CEO of consumer reporting agency Angie’s List, which has canceled expansion plans in Indianapolis because of the law. The incredulity in Oesterle’s statement was palpable. How was it possible that a Republican governor could not know that it was his job to represent the interests of the rich? Only in Indiana was a gaffe of this magnitude possible. 

Blinded by their allegiance to sexual revolution, and crippled by the inferiority complex that is second nature to editors from the provinces, the local media supported Capitalism’s attack on the sovereignty of the state of Indiana by framing opposition to RFRA as an economic issue. The so-called “business community” opposed RFRA. In fact, “Executives at some of Indiana’s largest businesses have been among the loud voices opposed to the state’s recently passed Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”  According to Jim Seitz, president of 1st Source Bank, “Discrimination is wrong on any front.” That pretty much said it all, as far as the CEOs were concerned. All that was left to do was to call in the CEO of Salesforce and have him re-write Indiana’s law to fit their plutocratic specifications. The effrontery of the CEO crowd was truly astonishing, 

Now Dad29 gives us a list of the Wisconsin bigwigs who want to keep the hideous practices of ghouls like Planned Parenthood legal.  If the CEOs think sodomy is a grand idea, as Dr Jones shows with such clarity, why not selling the body parts of unborn kids, too?  Here in all its ugliness is Capitalism run amok; here is what the great Popes of the past were warning us would happen if this kind of money-grubbing went unchecked, and what our current Pope should be saying when criticizing capitalism - not in vague generalities but in specifics like what happened in Indiana and Wisconsin and elsewhere.

Read carefully the names of these companies, write their owners, and boycott them.

We thank Dad for this effort.

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