Thursday, September 3, 2015

Black Queers Matter

The media is drawing your attention away from his serious sexual-psychological problems and steering it toward (yawn) guns.  I guess "The Narrative" (sodomy: good, guns: bad) must be kept going at all costs, even in the face of the evidence of one's own eyes.

The Daily Mail is not going to be a water-carrier on this one.

The Narrators want to channel this horror into the usual tripe about "gun violence" or, as an afterthought, "mental illness".  But no one is talking about the fact that a man who would so degrade himself by the practice of sodomy has "mental" issues because of that.  To lower himself to a level even lower than animals is surely one of the main reasons why the murderer lost his reason and did what he did.

But none of this will ever be discussed because according to such luminaries as Barack Obama and Walter Kasper, sodomy is a good thing, which brings us many gifts.

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