Thursday, September 17, 2015

A "Spiritually dangerous" event is about to take place

Heaven forbid that these poor, misguided people should convert, in order to save their souls.  The ongoing tragedy of this nation must bring tears to the eyes of God.


Anonymous said...

These people know that is required of them. Our Lord told them 2000 years ago. They did not listen then. They will not listen now.
They have cursed and killed God Incarnate.
I care not that they convert. Let Almighty God deal with them.

Anonymous said...

For 2000 years 'they' have been opposing us and leading us into wars and blind alleys. Now they, the jewish people, have the whole might of the US military machine behind them. If present trends continue, indeed events are accelerating, they will achieve the almost complete destruction of Christianity in Europe.
Jews will not be converted, not now they have their goal within sight.

Anonymous said...

"Who can make war with the beast ?"

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