Saturday, November 15, 2014

Which is it, Cardinal O'Malley?

Cardinal O'Malley, we laymen would like to know: which is it?

On the one hand you want the Vatican to act against your brother-Bishop Flynn for supposedly hiding a homosexual predator priest, as stated here.

And on the other hand, you want the Church to accept sodomitical relationships, as stated here.

Just which is it, Your Eminence?  Do you want to protect the Church from an onslaught of homosexual men who are buggering adolescent boys, or do you want the Church to accept two sodomites living together who will have the legal right to "adopt" young boys who will be eventually buggered by them?

In lieu of an explanation we in the pews can only conclude one of two things.  Either you are losing your mind completely or you are engaging in the worst form of blatant hypocrisy it has been my misfortune to witness.

Which, exactly, is it, Your Eminence?

Either way, you are a disgrace to the cloth you wear and the Church you are shaming.



Willard Money said...

The Bishop Finn case was about a priest who had CHILD pornography on his computer(girls by the way). So, it obviously had nothing to do with adult homosexual relationships.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Mr Money, for the additional info. It in no way absolves O'Malley of the charge of hyprocisy, since he finds nothing wrong with two homosexual men adopting innocent children, who I can imagine will be exposed to the most extreme forms of pornography imaginable by their two daddies, to wit: the warping of these young minds by having to live in such horrifying conditions.

Thanks again for the comment.

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