Saturday, November 22, 2014

At least someone is concerned about the fate of Christianity in Europe

In a recent discussion about various problems in the world a political leader brought up the touchy subject of the persecution of Christians and the silence of the European Union.  The article states in part:

"...EU officials are reluctant to speak about the persecution of Christians by Muslim militants in Iraq or Syria or elsewhere, because they fear that this would be perceived as politically incorrect.  Meanwhile there is a growing Christianophobia in the world, he said.

"Most of EU members avoid discussing the issue.  They are ashamed to pronounce it as they were ashamed to put a phrase acknowledging the Christian roots of Europe into the EU Constitution,:

"If you don't remember and don't respect your own roots and traditions, how can you respect the traditions of other people?"

Who made such a statement?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.


Anonymous said...

An increasing minority of people within the EU are waking up to the fact that the power structure emanating from Brussels and Strasbourg is not only inherently evil but also is hellbent on destroying Christianity in Europe. Decades of anti-Christian propaganda have not been as successful as the elites had desired, so their fall-back plan is to destroy the European people by mass Muslim immigration into Europe. This genocide is being supplemented by an aggressive program of abortion and promotion of homosexuality.

Oy said...

Gee, now who would want to do that??

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who would want to do that? After several cups of strong coffee and much deliberation I've managed to identify a couple of likely suspects!

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