Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just a note on the Cardinal Kasper African comments

Kasper in mufti
Regarding all the musings about Cardinal Kasper's famous remarks to the African episcopate that they should "not be telling us" what to do or think, which we have been reading about endlessly since the Bastard Synod, I am amazed that most people consider Kasper's fuming as an example of racism.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Kasper is not a stupid man.  Petty, dishonest and arrogant, yes; stupid, no.  We repeat: racism had nothing to do with his remarks.

What his remarks did have something to do with was sodomy, and everyone should have been able to see that quite clearly right away and not confront him with silly accusations of racism. The "racism" story only produced a needless red herring issue and took attention away from the homosexuals. The African Bishops have their heads firmly on their shoulders when it comes to sex perversion and can see what evils emerge from the mortal sin of sodomy...and want nothing to do with it. Kasper it seems wants everything to do with it, and that is the reason why he didn't want to hear what the African Bishops had to say.  And he wants to apparently give this mortal sin his blessings.  Why else would he be working tirelessly to see that the Holy Catholic Church blesses it as well?

The "racism" line was peddled by those who for whatever reason were not keeping their eyes on the ball. The more mendacious writers use the race card whenever they can so it is doubly important that we keep our minds clear on this.  Unwittingly, some good Catholics took the focus off buggery by calling Kasper's remarks racist.

While it is true the hubbub caught Kasper off guard at first he deftly handled it with his customary reliance on lying and changing the subject.

Krazy Kardinal Kasper.  Never underestimate the intentions of vile men.


Anonymous said...

Good point. The media accusation of 'racism' was a smokescreen, and it worked. We can understand why organizations like the Bilderbergers and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) are keen on promoting sodomy, but why a high level Vatican insider such as Cardinal Kasper also appears to be working to that end is a bit of a mystery.We simple folk will have to await the passage of time for that mystery to be revealed.

Joseph D'Hippolito said...

"...why a high level Vatican insider such as Cardinal Kasper also appears to be working to that end is a bit of a mystery."

It's no mystery. Kasper is part of the hierarchy that not only accepts but encourages the "sexualization" of children. Daneels of Belgium is famous (rather, infamous) for promoting a guide to educating children about sex:

Sodomy has been a problem in the Catholic Church for at least a milennium, ever since St. Peter Damian published "Liber Gommorahianus."

Joe Potillor said...


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