Sunday, August 10, 2014


Jan Sobieski

My dearest Poland, I am saddened to see some of the things that are happening to your great country.  I am grieved more than I can express.

I see your government allowing itself to be a mere stooge for the US empire, accepting money from them to become their tool.  They have establishment torture camps in your beloved land, where people the US regime doesn't like are routinely mistreated and sometimes never heard from again, disappearing into a veritable gulag on your own noble soil.  Dear Polish people, why do you allow this?

The other day in your beloved country a good doctor was fired from a hospital for not committing the crime of abortion.  My heart sank when I read this.  How can you allow this?

While Russia wants to put old enmities aside and be friends with you, your heads of state, doing the bidding of the USA, instead join the ridiculous anti-Russian chorus and go along with the illegal sanctions, which are acts of war.  Why?  If someone wants to be your friend and has demonstrated a genuine desire to live in peace, why do you allow yourselves to be mere pawns of the war mongers?  Your government is allowing American missiles, American troops, American aircraft and American prisons in Poland because it is allowing itself to be used by America.  Poland is greater than such things; it should never allow itself to be used in this way.

Homosexual pederasts are entering Poland in droves and trying to blemish and destroy your families.  Why do you acquiesce in this?  It is true that some Poles have resisted this infestation, but they are doing it in a haphazard, disorganized way.  Should not greater demands be made on your Bishops to try and stop this onslaught of perversion?  The Russian government on the other hand has made some small but important steps to slow down the juggernaut of sodomy and moral corruption; cannot dear Poland do the same? These sexual barbarians are at the gate - no, they are within the gate; where is a new Jan Sobieski who will stop them and turn them back?

The Blessed Virgin Mary has a burning love for both Poland and Russia, demonstrated clearly for centuries and demonstrated recently again at Fatima in 1917.  Cannot dear Poland, at least for the sake of the Virgin, put aside the animosities of the past which if continued will only help the troublemakers of the world? Cannot Catholic Poland and Orthodox Russia show that these ethnic and religious divisions must end?

Poland has a part to play in the dramatic events that are unfolding even now on the world stage.  Will Poland be merely a lapdog of the international financial forces which control the United States and help it to promote sodomy, divorce, unjust wars, abortion, usury and subjugation to financial oligarchs, or will it put its past differences aside and join other nations to put an end to the dominance of these dark forces? [Poland: read what Paul Craig Roberts has to say about what the Obama Administration is thinking about doing.]

A new Battle of Vienna seems to be in the making just now.  Poland could turn back the Turks then, could turn back the Communists in more recent years and can now, if She chooses, turn back the anti-Christian forces that are working for the extermination of the Church of Christ,those forces which are the heirs of those who rejected God's Son on Calvary.  We can only hope that Poland will once again rise to the occasion and defeat a vicious, merciless enemy, and make common cause not with the Church's persecutors, but with those other nations who share Her ideals.


Damask Rose said...

Aged Parent,

One argument to explain this is that it's because the children of the Communists that were supposedly 'toppled' are running the country, government, company CEOs etc.

JPII persuaded Lech Walesa to not have a bloody revolution, ie executing key Communists.

This is the result.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the will of the Polish people, their leaders will,do what they want. Just like in the U.S.

I am no great fan of Polish people. I never met one who wasn't strange and whacky. But this may not be a case of the people permitting these sins but a case of "The people be damned. We will do what we please."

Anonymous said...

Where do we start? The majority of intellectuals and many priests and nuns were massacred by the Nazis and Communists. Most of the intelligentsia and aristocrats moved to London after the Communists won WW2. Capitalism and democracy greatly demoralized Poland. In Communist Poland things like pornography, drugs, homosexuality, etc. were nowhere to be found. People had jobs, food, family, and a strong Catholic Church. Now? All the young people emigrate elsewhere to find jobs, Benedict XVI legalized Communion in the hand (JPII never allowed it in Poland), Israel/Germany buy out all the capital and property, and corrupt ex-commies run the nation. It's not all bad; the parishes are packed to the brink, abortion is only legal in cases of rape (last time I checked), the country is mostly indigenous, and some dioceses are still conservative and booming with vocations. The "Old Poland" is dead. There is no more God, Honour, and Fatherland. The best of Poland ends up like Joseph Conrad, Marie Curie, or Fredric Chopin.

Putin and Russia are just as evil as America, don't be fooled. They killed the patriotic Polish president in the 2010 Smolensk plane "accident" because he was a threat to Russian economic dominance. Modern Russia is more liberal on sodomy and pornography than the USSR, don't judge Putin by non-existent Western standards. The only way Eastern European countries can fight German or Russian imperialism is to form a super-state like the former Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

If you want to know more check out what Dr. E. Michael Jones had to say:

Aged parent said...

Anon @11:40am:

Many thanks for your informative comment which is much appreciated. I did try to listen to the Dr Jones interview but it seemed to always stop at about the 6-minute mark and so I was unable to hear the whole thing. If you have an alternate link please send it along.

I would also appreciate any corroborating evidence you could share, or any reliable link, that implicates Russia and/or Mr Putin in the plane crash incident you referred to as I have never heard of any evidence or even suspicion that Russia may have been involved. I will look forward to reading what you have.

While it is true that this blogsite has remained if not totally sympathetic to Mr Putin at least supportive of some of his initiatives we prefer to see solid evidence of any wrongdoing on his part before issuing any condemnations. There is a multitude of solid evidence implicating both the USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the UK and the EU in the promotion of pederasty, usury, war crimes and anti-Christian behavior in general (and anti-Catholic behavior in particular) and we will continue to present reliable sources that cover these things. Having said that I'm not quite sure I would be justified in terming either Russia or Mr Putin as "evil".

Interestingly, Dr Jones in his recent writings has demonstrated fairly convincingly that Russia is "on the mend" so to speak and that we can no longer view that country through our old Cold War spectacles (even if the good Dr Jones does seem ill-informed as to the whole Fatima story vis-a-vis Russia!). So as of now we will keep an open mind on the subject of Russia.

Thanks again for your interesting comment.

Anonymous said...

@Aged Parent, go to and copy the link into the section titled "wayback machine" I found a good copy of the file there. It seems the Roman Catholic Report site has been down (or at least not functioning properly) since some time last year. I'm surprised there are any files still available there.

Here's a direct link to the file at from Oct 2011 ...

I had not heard this interview before, thank you to Anon@ 11:30

Aged parent said...

Thank, Anon, for the link info. Alas the gods must be against me listening to it because this link stops at around the 9-minute mark. It is possible it could be something with my computer, but who knows?

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