Tuesday, August 26, 2014


We are deeply in debt to our friends over at the Vox Cantoris blogsite where a recent post reminded us of the not so happy, gay world of buggery.  That they have done a service by reporting the almost forgotten murders of two boys in Canada by homosexuals goes without saying.  The reality of the coming evils which will accompany the acceptance of sodomy is something everyone should see - especially our benighted Bishops of the Catholic Church, so fretful about "the dignity of the human person", a phrase that gets trotted out by them every time they speak about homosexuals and their self-destructive manner of living.

Some enterprising soul might start a "martyrology" of sorts detailing the murders of young people by these minds warped by the darkest of passions.  We have written about some of them but there are others, many others, that occur yet are swiftly dispatched down the Memory Hole in order to continue the pro-homosexual propaganda war.  Of course the physical murder of these youngsters is bad enough; they spiritual and psychological murder can even be worse.  Homosexuals don't reproduce so of course they must recruit instead, and their depredations often result in a newly-minted sinner ready to carry on and transmit the pestilence.

When things like this are discussed a name that automatically comes to mind is that of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, almost certainly a homosexual predator himself and very certainly a protector of churchly sodomites throughout his tragic career.  I cannot imagine how many young lives he destroyed but I am confident in the knowledge that he knows now, as he pays for his crimes in eternity. [Those who are tempted to suggest that this monster died in God's good graces might reflect upon the fact that Bernardin requested specifically that a homosexual men's choir sing at his funeral.]  But he, like his proclivity-sharing comrade Rembert Weakland will be assured of a "good press" all the way to their graves even as, after death, they elude God's good press.  Weakland still has time to repent (pray for him) but Bernardin has his reward, one too awful to contemplate.

But such is the fate of all those who destroy the souls and the bodies of the young to satisfy their perversions. Their hands will not be kissed when they go to their final judgment, nor will their dignity as a human person be feted by He who judges finally.  Those you murdered the likes of Emanuel Jacques and Kirk Deasley, tortured, raped and mutilated, will be ignored by a mass media; they are a little too inconvenient at the moment.  But these sodomites will not be ignored by Heaven.

Why do we write so much about this homosexual onslaught?  To remind our Catholic leaders about the dark, endless pit into which Tolerance will soon be throwing them.

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