Monday, August 25, 2014


A true political huckster: Mike Huckabee

The type of people that America produces in its politicians is profoundly amazing.  In fact it is stupefying.

Take Mike Huckabee.  Please.

Here is your typical war-mongering Dispensationalist Bible-slapper, who has no idea whatsoever about what is really going on in the Holy Land, offering his utter lack of wisdom on the subject to a wide and eager audience:

From the article:

 A Southern Baptist, Huckabee has been coming to Israel for 41 years and leads an annual trip of Christian pilgrims. This year, there are 282 participants on the trip coming from across America - a number that would have been far larger if Huckabee’s touring crew had space for more. They were also due to visit Yad Vashem, the official Israeli memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, on Monday.

“This is the Holy Land, it is God’s land,” Huckabee said. The first thing he tells participants is "welcome home." “I tell them ‘I know you’ve never been here, but you’re going to feel like you have been here. Even though you have never physically been here, spiritually your whole life has been here.’ I never get tired of it.”

Huckabee added that as a Christian, Israel is the only place in the region he feels safe. He no longer takes pilgrims to Christian sites beyond the wall – i.e. the separation barrier - because he doesn’t feel safe taking them there. This, he acknowledged, includes Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus.

That last paragraph is very interesting.  Despite the charlatanese statements about "safety" Mr Huckabee wont go to those places for the very simple reason that he doesn't want to know the hard truth.

Such willful blindness to the reality of life in Palestine is beyond my ability to articulate in words.  And this is the ignoramus who is considered a leading contender for the Republican Party nomination for President in 2016.  Indeed it is his very ignorance of the world which would make him an acceptable candidate.  If he is nominated by his Party, and if the equally offensive Hillary Clinton is the nominee of her Party, think of what that election would turn out to be: a contest between Lady Macbeth and a snake charmer.

I'm afraid Mr Huckabee is yet another flavor of the typical neocon, Christian Zionist buffoon we have seen so much of in the Republican Party.  If I had the slightest interest in the two-party semi-annual puppet show I would advise my fellow countrymen to be wary of this consummate phony. 

More recently this gentleman has been pimping for Common Core:

Mr Huckabee says he is against abortion and the moral collapse in this nation, which is very nice to hear.  Of course, if elected he will do absolutely nothing to try to put an end to it (we have, after all, been listening to Republican rhetoric before).  Naturally, if you wish to believe that a Republican president will actually do something about such evils you are perfectly at liberty to do so.

Life in America, c. 2014.


bigfred said...

He was also on the liberal side in the "Baptist Wars".

CJ said...

What an ignorant person. Buffon yes. Christian...Mmmm...not unless he is Catholic. What an ignorant non-Catholic Zionist worshipper. Oy vey!

Roger Reed said...

Doubt that this will get published, but this needs to be said: It is clear to me that the perfidious Jewish influence upon all American religious denominations (including Roman Catholic), politics, and opinion has become so entrenched, that the parasitism that has gone on for centuries is gradually using up its host (the United States).
Does no one else see the work of the anti-christ in these matters?
I believe that the all-merciful, One Lord Jesus Christ will overcome these people and give them a chance to come to Him.
It is up to God and them to convert or not.

Anonymous said...

Re R Reed, you are not alone in thinking that. The situation is quite complicated but the uncritical acceptance by the early church fathers of the old testament has left many Christians open to Jewish manipulation. Also there is the danger posed by Masonry which started out as ragbag of gnosticism but was rapidly geared to Jewish ends.
The solution? There doesn't appear to be one, although I've found Douglas Reed's book "The Controversy of Zion" useful. Also the historian Michael Hoffman is writing a book on the influence of neo-Platonism (not sure what that means!) in pre-Reformation Catholicism.

Aged parent said...

Anon @3:14:

You made a statement which I find most interesting and would appreciate you expanding on it:

"The situation is quite complicated but the uncritical acceptance by the early church fathers of the old testament has left many Christians open to Jewish manipulation."

I ask this not in any challenging sort of way; I am interested in your elaboration on it (I have heard similar thoughts expressd before)>

Roger Reed said...

Anon 3:14
A most interesting observation about the early Church fathers acceptance of the Old Testament.
I have wondered perhaps that at the time of the infancy of the Church, (until the fall of Rome), that the Church fathers thought that it would cause more Jews to convert, if they made them see how Our Lord was the fulfillment of the Old Testament. Obviously, the treacherous race that they are, slithered around this and chose to wage their campaign AGAINST (anti) CHRIST.
What we have today is not new. Even snakes have to come into the sunlight sometimes. When they do, they are recognized by observant people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:14 here. I'm no expert and can't give chapter and verse but the OT has the appearance of being a very ethno-centric collection of writings. It was written by 'Israelites' for the purpose of using a tribal deity to justify their treatment of peoples with whom they were in competition. Pasture grazing was in short supply and any hostile interlopers would be killed. This was probably the norm for man during the Bronze Age and would have been understood by all. But the Israelites weren't content with that, they demanded a tribal deity sanction their exclusive rights to a piece of turf which all other nearby tribes regarded as open range. This attitude was codified into an elaborate religious system which was used to justify some really gross attitudes and actions. The OT does contain some noble and lofty ideals but the core concept is one of exclusivity and uniqueness of them as a people.
It is probable that all early peoples went through a similar development but as they matured they grew out of it. However, with Judaism this archaic belief has become fossilized so that no higher outlook is possible.
The early Church Fathers should have recognized the incompatibility of the Gospel with much of the OT.
Most Christians today regard Jews with respect as 'the chosen people' or 'our elder brothers in faith'. However this feeling is not reciprocated. Jews regard Christians with the same hostile feelings their ancient ancestors had for competing herdsmen or farmers, and we know what happened to those groups. It's stated clearly in the OT.

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