Thursday, August 22, 2013


This journalist, Louis Verrecchio, believes that Benedict's Summorum is in some kind of danger.

Well, maybe it is and maybe it isn't.  If it is in danger it would not surprise us for a moment.  The gnomes of Rome are all too committed to ransacking what is left of Christendom so in their mind the Ancient Rite must go by the wayside.  According to the CNA news story it would seem the antagonists of the Motu Proprio are going to try to get back into the "asking permission" mode, whereby the permission of the local Ordinary will be required which, of course, would go against the clear intent of Benedict's act.

In addition to the Usual Suspects the Poof Mafia is also bent on destroying the last vestiges of any links left to the age old Faith.  Well, of course they are.

I would agree with those who are saying that for Rome to try to back-pedal on SP would be an incredibly stupid move.  But I also believe that they are most likely going to go back into containment mode with regard to this beautiful Liturgy.  They may have a bit of a fight on their hands if they try that tactic.

Scottish writer Gerald Warner, a few days ago, had these acid comments to make.


aly said...

The Poof Mafia and the Jewish Mafia. VaticanII did not come about nor the dreadful outcome due
to a Poof Mafia which at the time did not exist. It came about due to a Jewish Mafia that certainly did exist. We can refer to your recent posts on Jean Matiran and many others who have long been speaking of the secret negotiations between representatives of the Church and representatives of that Mafia.
Why really did Benedict XVI vacate
Peters Chair? We don't know,There are a number of factors with possibly equal considerations and
consequences. His Pontificate began
with questions of Nazism. His Summorum Pontificum brought consternation, suspicion and criticism among Jewish leaders.
These same people were highly opposed to Pope Benidicts talks with the SSPX and they meddled in and made demands concerning "negotiations". Another meeting being expected before Benedict announced his "retirement". The president of the ADL called SSPX and their likes "these Latin speaking extremists". "These" are Not acceptable to the Mafia. Ronald Lauder president of the WJC said upon Pope Francis' election, "I'm sure he will deal with any clerical anti-Semitism appropriately". So there we have it.

Aged parent said...

You're right that tradition has many influential enemies.

What I believe the author of the CNA article is trying to say is that they are trying to move back to the old "you-have-to-have-permission-to-say-the-Old-Mass" which was always nonsense and which the Pope's Motu Proprio did away with. If that does happen, that Catholics have to come crawling on their knees and beg for the traditional liturgy then that would be a devastating blow to Summorum Pontificum. There are all too many Bishops who have been ignoring it anyway and if this new wrinkle comes to pass they will just become emboldened.

I also believe that they will have a fight on their hands if they try to put an end to SP. Even those Catholics not sympathetic to the ancient Rite might find that a bit disconcerting.

We'll have to wait to see how this plays out.

aly said...

Aged parent, my last comment disappeared. My fault. But that is what I meant; The Usual and Influential Suspects and Enemies.

Dane said...

All those mea culpas and beseeching the Saints, oblations, sacrifice, and penance for our sins. Can't have that!

Just as Caiphas and the Sadducees had more belief that the Resurrection would take place than the Apostles did, these Moneychangers of today know better than most Catholics the power of the real Catholic Mass.

aly said...

Thanks Dane. Sometimes among the frustration, dismay, outrage and beyond I lose sight of this truth. We must increase.

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