Friday, August 23, 2013


...he'd look like the kids that murdered Chris Lane."

We will await those words from our glorious Emperor.  Actually, we wont.

And since the US media is uninterested (mostly) in this case we thought you might be interested:

We here at The Eye Witness are not emulating some of the more rancid of our nation's scandal rags but the situation of fatherless young Negro males committing these terrible crimes with more and more frequency and more and more ferocity needs to be better known, if for no other reason than one's personal safety.  To write about such things is unpleasant and sick-making but silence about these events is not an option we can afford.

It would take a direct miracle from God to turn this negro crime problem around (yes, it is a negro crime problem, if we are to accept FBI statistics) and since that is probably unlikely we, as mere Christians, can do two things: be aware of the danger presented by these people and, two, try somehow if an opportunity arises to try to get through to them.

Other than that I am at a loss.

A disgusted Pat Buchanan has just written about this as well.  He lays out the problem well: fatherless, family-less, young black males with no compassion, no self-control, no ability to reason.

In the diseased society we now live in we Americans will concentrate on a self-defense killing of a Florida teenaged thug, as if he were some sort of martyr, while being unaware of things like this:

"A boy approached me and told me he wanted my money, and I told him I didn't have any money. And he said, 'Give me your money or I'm going to kill you and I'm going to shoot your baby and kill your baby,' and I said, 'I don't have any money,' and 'Don't kill my baby.'

The boy tried to grab her purse and opened fire when she said tried to tell him she had no money, West said, with the shot grazing her head. She said the boy then shot her in the leg.
West continued, 'And then, all of a sudden, he walked over and he shot my baby in the face.'
West said she tried to perform CPR on her son and that the police took over when they arrived, but to no avail. 'We lost him,' she said."

Keeping the proper perspective is always important, especially these days.  The incident described above happened this past March, in Georgia.

More perspective: 

And still more:

And this:

We take no joy in bringing this to your attention.  But realism demands that somebody say something about it.

[UPDATE: Worth reading for its sensible look at realities: ]


Anonymous said...

The usual suspects need a new slogan replacing No Justice, No Peace with Where there is No Shame, There is Blame. Repeatedly pounding that into these brains and would begin to see some positive results. Seems they are unwilling.

Dane said...

Fatherless. Familyless. Graceless. No dignity. No decency. No respect..."self" or otherwise.

Black people in America whom I have gotten to know are not of this variety. HOWEVER they are silent on the obvious problem of the lack of morality among their own kind. They choose their god and it is themselves. So shame on them too.

Anonymous said...

Right. When there is no outrage things fall to dissolution, degeneracy, depravity.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Dane, and Anon(s), for your comments.

I'm beginning to think it will take a Saint like St Martin de Porres to turn this situation around. The Catholic Church, as a whole, could help enormously to help us out of this racial mess but right now the Church is not doing what the Church was commanded to do. When the Church is in chaos, the world is in chaos; whenever the Church has a specific problem, be it lack of faith, or homosexuality or whatever it immediately transposes itself into the world at large.

Ergo, when the Church is healed, the world will also begin its healing process.

Konstantin said...

I absolutely agree. Unfortunately the numbers of priests solely dedicated to the missions of blacks in America in the 19th and early 20th century was too low. That's how you/we got this mess. Protestantism didn't really solve this problem since people twist the bible to cover their vices. One rapper once said that the bible advocates "Stop Snitching" :-((

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