Sunday, August 18, 2013


It was fitting that Robert de Mattei should author an appreciation of the great Jean Madiran.  They are two minds that are thoroughly imbued with the Faith.

While the Google translation is execrable, we can get the gist of de Mattei's thoughts in the link provided.  Just hit the "translate" button if it comes up in Italian.

We have lost with Madiran's recent death an ardent defender of the Faith, a loss we can ill afford.  But as long as we can keep reading him, especially in translations by Anthony Fraser and his late father, Hamish, we can arm and nourish ourselves with the clarity of his thought and the fearlessness of his fighting spirit.

Rest in peace, Jean Madiran.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your information on Mr. Madiran. Unfortunately I had not been aware of him or his work prior to his death. I grew up in a liberal Novus Ordo vacuum where virtually nothing prior to the Satanic 1960s was emphasized. In addition, much important information gets lost in the 'noise' of information these days (I believe that's a feature and not a glitch). I really appreciate the zero garbage content of your blog.

aly said...

Anonymous 20 Aug. 11:40 A.M.,
I appreciate this blog for the same reason and because it has informed me of some things and some ones I previously was not informed of and reminded me of some things and ones I'd forgotten. This blog has sometimes inspired and lifted me.

Aged parent said...

Thank you both for such gracious comments.

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