Tuesday, October 2, 2012


It often bemuses this writer to watch the leaders of the Catholic Church, from high to low, showing little to no interest in calling to the attention of the world the seething hatred shown to Jesus Christ by those "chosen" folks who have occupied the Holy Land since 1948.   No atrocity committed by the occupiers is severe enough to merit much attention in the Church.

Not only do they not point out these atrocities very often but they positively fall over themselves prattling on about these people being "our elder brothers in the Faith", though I wonder which "Faith" they are referring to since these people have been rejecting their one and only Savior for about 2,000 years.  Indeed the Catholic Church, in an act that can only be described as suicidal, even recognized as legitimate the forced takeover and ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land by establishing diplomatic relations with this illegal state of Israel in the year 2,000 (the significance of the year cannot be overlooked).  And as part of that diplomatic recognition the Sovereign Pontiff, John Paul II had to demean himself and the entire Catholic Church by publicly apologizing for the supposed "sins" committed by the Church against this once-chosen people.  Revulsion is too weak a word to describe the reaction of many Catholics to this rather sick-making act of toadying.  And sadly our current Pontiff is carrying on this suicidal legacy by lending his august presence at Jewish temples, meeting with these murderers of the innocent every time they waltz into the Vatican (which is quite a lot of late) or making the ritual obeisance to the "wailing wall".  This obsequiousness shown by our Church leaders to those who hate and revile Our Lord Jesus Christ is nothing short of mind-boggling.

Cowardice undoubtedly plays a huge part.  Fear of the media, which is tightly controlled by these same elder brothers, is another.  But vile treason is certainly not to be discounted.  I cannot conceive of the present Pontiff as a traitor to his faith; I can, alas, conceive of at the very least his terror of the media.  But I most certainly can accuse some senior prelates of being traitors to the Faith and a disgrace to their cloth.

It would be most interesting to hear their reactions to this little story, on today's RT:


Their reactions?  I suspect the sound of crickets chirping will be much more likely.

To be sure no murders were involved in this particular incident, but the native population of the Holy Land has experienced plenty of that at the hands of the occupying army.  Need I add that many of those who were killed by the IDF were Christians?   Yes, that has to be stated, because American ignorance of what is actually happening in that sad land is simply staggering and that ignorance is kept on the boil by the White House, Hollywood, the news media, the deluded Christian Zionists and irrational clowns like Robert Spencer.

But even as our Holy Father, Benedict XVI, changed the traditional Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews clearly under Jewish pressure (sad to relate, but quite true), let us politely ignore that disastrous Papal decision and offer our prayers and sacrifices for the conversion of these tragic people.  But while praying let us not keep silent about their perfidy, and let us not sweep stories like the one reported above under the carpet.

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