Saturday, September 29, 2012


One rather expects the usual suspects to be happy with news like this; anything which brings misery and desolation to Christians is music to their ears.
But I sometimes wonder about some of my ultrapatriotic fellow Catholics, some of them tainted with the stain of Americanism.  Many of them have blogs or magazines which they often use as a kind of cheering section for the actions of the despots in Washington, so long as those actions have something to do with some kind of war.  I call these Catholic friends' attention to the following article.  To these Catholics I address this question:  are you proud of this?

Perhaps you could put aside for a moment your worry over the Punch and Judy show now in progress between the Stupid Party and the Evil Party and read this article carefully.

Since there is not the slightest question that the US is arming and supplying the "rebels' who are committing these atrocities, as they have done in so many other cases in the recent past, and since I am going to presume that you have indeed read the article with attention, I must ask you again, are you still willing to look uncritically at what is being done in your name in the Middle East?

How tragically right was Pope Leo XIII when he wrote his Testem Benevolentiae.


servo said...

First they wanted to defeat terrorists by instituting democracy, now they institute democracy by supporting terrorists. So Al-Qaeda will destroy itself by achieving its ultimate aims. Makes perfect sense. I think Dr. Irwin Corey is America's chief foreign policy strategist now.

Anonymous said...

They weren't stupid in their actions, Servo. The results of what they do are exactly what they desired.

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