Thursday, October 25, 2012


The major news outlets routinely ignore these grotesque murder stories so it will not be surprising if any of my readers have not heard of this atrocity.  It is unpleasant to even think about it, let alone write about it.  But we choose to write about it so that we can wake up to the reality of a savagery that is metastasizing in this nation.  As painful as it might be to face the facts, we must: crimes against whites are now at epidemic levels.

The perpetrators of this horrendous crime are rarely pictured or identified.  And the underlying reason for that is sadly obvious: in order to not offend the delicate feelings of some segments of our population, facts will be hidden from public outrage.  But the more they are hidden, the more the outrages will continue.  The NAACP will rush to offer excuses; they will use the tiresome cry of "racism".  The news media and the government will lie about it.  That is to be expected.

This story is but the small tip of an iceberg of evidence that this nation is imploding.  I say that in all sorrow.  But I cannot refuse to face the facts.  When one is criticized for pointing out that black-on-white crimes are growing more and uglier with each passing month, illustrating the horrible state of affairs among blacks, a state of affairs that Walter Williams laments about courageously and constantly, then we know that honesty is to be the first casualty of any attempted discussion on the matter.  But to those Americans who are past the age of 50: do you recall living in a land that saw things like this happening on an almost daily basis?

Christian nations, too, have their crime problems.  History informs us of that quite clearly.  But perhaps only in American does such unspeakable behavior seem to be almost a norm.  And if it tells us nothing else, it says that we had better start doing a better job of converting our countrymen to the Faith.   

Yes, the thought of America becoming Catholic is a utopian one.  But that is no excuse for refusing to try.  In the meantime, however, we must warn our children to stay far away from people like those pictured in the article.  Do not worry about being called names for doing so; be more concerned for your children's lives.

[Note: Though the website from which this article was taken tends to have a rather depressingly atheistic style, and often carries articles which this writer cannot agree with, it does on the other hand provide news that is being systematically hidden by everyone else and is therefore a valuable resource...if for no other reason than it may save the life of you or your loved ones.]


Not ashamed of MY race. said...

Yes, I saw the story and followed it for a few days. There were several things reported that pointed immediately to the perpetrators being sinful, criminal Blacks.

-They were thieves
-They were brothers
-Their photos were suppressed

They could have just as easily been Latinos but only Blacks would have murdered for bicycle parts. A Latino criminal would have stolen the whole bicycle.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Not Ashamed, for your comment. To my surpise, the British newspapers are reporting on the story:

Not to my surprise, the US media is basically ignoring it.

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