Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Democrat and Republican Vampires

We know that Dracula, indeed all vampires, need a constant inflow of fresh blood to keep them alive. That being the case, we can only conclude that our politicians (and their "angels"), from Killary Clinton to Scott Walker, from Jeb (& and his brother) Bush to Barry Obama, from John McCain to Max Boot, from Ms Lindsey Graham to William Kristol, from Sheldon Adelson to Haim Saban, form the miserable generals surrounding Trump to the media which prmotes more violence against the innocent, etc. are in fact vampires, since they can only keep alive if the blood of American soldiers is being spilled every day in some part of the world.  And they've now convinced Mr Trump to break yet another campaign promises by extending the fruitless was on Afghanistan.

The Crucifix repelled vampires, so say the legends.

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Anonymous said...

It is as St Paul says, followers of Christ are in a spiritual battle with 'dominions'. Most politicians are eager to follow these dominions. The blood shed by soldiers is bad enough but who will speak for the 40 million babies killed in USA since 1973, an horrific crime that the Kennedys, the Bushes, et. al. are happy with. Their main concerns are discussing fine wines with their jew stockbroker while he advised them on outsourcing and the latest hedge fund scams.

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