Tuesday, August 8, 2017

By your fruits we know you, Father

And I should probably add that by the fruits you are keeping company with we also know you, Father James Martin, SJ.  I have to be blunt with you, Father, because the days of being nice are over now. Those days passed when enemies of Catholicism got hold of the reins of the Church and have been dragging it through the mud ever since this malignancy achieved a virtual stranglehold on the levers of power.  Even great Popes like Pius IX and St Pius X with all their inherent holiness and determination could not stop them.  So, no:  the "mister nice guy" days are done.

Your face and most especially your eyes scream homosexuality.  Even if your Roman collar somehow keeps you from actual sodomite acts (which, let's face it, is rather doubtful) your words and actions tell us very clearly what is going through your mind.  And what you are promoting.  So perhaps it is time for you to put away the coy act and come out (as it were) with the truth of yourself.  You can possibly fool a lot of poorly-catechized Catholics but you can't fool everyone. Especially God.

I dovetail from your obnoxious articles and trite defenses of the indefensible to a couple of popular Catholic websites (who definitely have your number) who have been conspicuous in their promotion of that strange kind of hybrid Catholic, the one that calls himself Catholic even though he is a homosexual and laughingly describes himself as being "born that way".  These websites apparently think articles about such people are somehow inspirational.  If so, the editors are deluding themselves and their readers.  No one, I repeat, no one is born a sodomite.  It is an acquired manner of living.  It does not matter how they came to embrace such horrors - terrible parenting, abusive relatives, no father in the house, etc. - it still remains their personal choice, their personal mortal sin.

I would hope that such people who call themselves both Catholic and queer at the same time would reflect upon these words from the Confetior at Holy Mass:

       "I confess to Almighty God, to blessed Mary ever Virgin, to blessed Michael the 
       Archangel....and to you, Father, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word and deed,     through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault..." 

How can someone who describes himself as both practicing Catholic and homosexual get around that ?  The text is very clear about this: sinning can be done in thought, word and deed. Yes I recognize the difference in culpability with regard to thought, word and/or deed which is something the priest will sort out with the penitent.  But in all three cases we are still talking about sinning and it is inconceivable that those who parade themselves as " devout, 'gay' " Catholics live without falling into one of those three sins, those of thought, word or deed.  If one lives a queer lifestyle, how does one avoid sinning in thought (at least), if not both word and deed ? What happens in the Confessional ?  What do you say to the priest ?  Do you tell him about your thoughts, words and deeds ?  In other words, if you are confused on this point and want to conform your life in the practice of your Faith you will need to find a Confessor who does not tell you that you have some weird, esoteric "orientation", or that you were born an active sodomite, but one who will help you out of this terribly confused state of mind, one that leads not to Heaven.

My humble advice to those websites who feature the stories of these hybrid Catholics who live in mortal sin and yet say their beads and go to Communion is to not give them this undeserved publicity. If you think these stories are helpful and inspiring you are very much and very sadly mistaken.  They add immeasurably to the confusion that reigns supreme nowadays in Holy Church.  You certainly are not helping these people; you are making them comfortable with their manner of living, making them believe in such chimerical concepts as "sexual orientation" and being "born that way".  Don't feed them (and us) hogwash.

Let me add a friendly warning, if I may.  If you well-intentioned but illogical editors of these websites continue with such promotional pieces you are doing terrible harm which will come back to haunt you and most certainly the Church one day.  You do the homosexuals no favors by featuring their contradictions in a positive light. You make their struggle to get out of this mess they are in all but impossible.  Even if the Vatican uses such stupidities as "sexual orientation" as statements of so-called fact does not mean that you have to follow them.  Indeed, have they not demonstrated by now that Rome is riddled with queers ? Do I need to rattle off the names of those miserable clerics high and low who are sympathetic to this unnatural vice ?

I haven't named the website(s) that do these kinds of things because I do not think it necessary. Most readers here are capable of reading between the lines.  My little blog is not a major player in the blogosphere in any case.  I add my own comments in the comments section of these blogs and websites when I see these all-too-frequent articles.  It's the only thing I can do other than writing here an occasional piece like this and hoping some of these folks will read it and re-think their editorial decisions on these matters.

So I recommend to those Dear Editors: don't feed the Beast.

And as for you, Father Martin, whose pro-sodomy ramblings inspired this post: perhaps it is time to shape up or ship out.  The damage you have done and are doing will be brought before you on your day of Judgement.  Of late I've been forced to think about my own day of Judgement which is coming perhaps faster than I had anticipated.  Let us both continue to think about these Last Things....

....before we feel that inevitable tap on the shoulder.


St. Benedict's Thistle said...

Bravo. And God bless you. Fr. Martin knows we all know he's a sodomite. He plays his little diabolical games, but if one is intuitive and is familiar with the pathology of homosexuals, the deep-seated anger, rebellion, and self-loathing is also apparent in his face. It is tragic that he intentionally inflicts his choices on the Church as well. God have mercy on him.

geoff kiernan said...

"Do I need to rattle off the Names of those miserable (Vatican) clerics, high and low, who are sympathetic to those unnatural vices".....

I think, Yes it would not be a bad idea to name and shame them once and for all. After all this is how they thrive because they live in the shadows so to speak. Is there already such a list?

Aged parent said...


These clerics are in the news quite often, spouting their insane views on sodomy. Websites such as Canon212, LifeSite News and others do a good job exposing them. I link to them on this blog, on the right-hand column.


Aged parent said...

St Benedict's Thistle:

Excellent observations. Many thanks.


Tom A. said...

Being homosexual is the least of "Fr" Martin's problems. Saying and promoting the Novus Ordo are much bigger issues.

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