Wednesday, May 3, 2017

George Soros VS Catholic Poland

That greedy old bastard and financial manipulator George Soros is back in the regime-change business, not that he ever took a break from such activities.  His latest target is the nation of Poland.

Put simply, this prominent member of The Tribe is continuing the long history of trying to utterly destroy what's left of Christendom (an activity that has been going on non-stop since 33 AD) and making a few shekels in the bargain.  It is a sickening performance but a not unexpected one, since the jackals smell blood in the water now that the Church is teetering on the edge of dissolution.

In God's good time people like Soros will be dead and gone and spending their eternity in the place they so well deserve, and the Church will be restored.  In the meantime it is always good to know what such swine are up to, and one hopes Poland is ready for the onslaught.  [As an aside, Poland would do well to cut all ties to the United States which is a partner with people like Soros.]


The Polish government wants to stop the distribution of Norwegian money flowing into Poland coming from Soros’ funded Batory Foundation, which manages over 800 million euros with a target of overthrowing the Polish government by 2020. Since 2014, the Batory Foundation has distributed some 130 million zlotys (around 31.7 million euros) to various associations and organizations within Poland to change the government. According to Bloomberg, this includes organizations for the promotion of “parliamentary democracy”,  but only if it agrees with Soros’ agenda. Effectively, Soros is trying to defeat Catholic values ​​in Poland which are supported by the population and government.

Read the whole article.

Here's more on this slimy character and his connections to the Trump Administration via Trump's tribal son-in-law, Jared Kushner:



Anonymous said...

In other words "don't speak in That Name any more ". New sanhedrin same as the old sanhedrin.

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