Saturday, May 6, 2017

France ready to accept another Rothschild stooge...again

If French opinion polls are to be trusted, the French are preparing to continue their subjugation to International Finance by electing one of its minions, Emmanuel Macron.  Macron, libertine and stooge, will, there is no doubt, do the bidding of the elites and will ensure that the French continue to be debt slaves to swine like Rothschild, Soros and their ilk while allowing themselves to become moral wretches.

Marine Le Pen is on the other hand a mixed bag.  Some of her positions, particularly her anti-elitist ones, are exemplary while others are the usual pseudo-conservative bromides that we heard from people like Trump.  Curiously or perhaps not so curiously after 200 years of anti-Catholic revolution Frenchmen are still willing to continue their personal degradation by even considering an Obama clone like Macron...again, if the polls are correct.  He did win the first round of voting, which does not portend well for France or Europe.  Just as the elites fairly quickly co-opted Donald Trump to do much of their bidding they will not allow a Le Pen to upset their apple cart, a cart which has allowed them to enjoy virtual dictatorial power over a good part of the world.  Hilaire Belloc knew this would come and most if not all of his predictions about the dangers of Capitalism have proven correct: most of the world is now enslaved to International Finance.

What will happen in France tomorrow is important.  But if Macron wins expect more darkness to fall on that great nation, and the world.

Here is an interesting discussion on the French vote:



Anonymous said...

Poor, France.
Such a marvelous country and culture. To see it ruined by Semites (both Jews and Muslims) makes me terribly sad.
The Jew-Rothschild filth has subjugated the native French people. Would that the country famous for the guillotine, would round up every piece of Rothschild filth and cleanse the land of them.
Then give the Infidels the choice of going back to their country of birth or heritage or staying in France.
If they stay in France, their safety cannot take precedence over the safety of the white, French citizens. This race is only dark-skinned Jews. Degenerates, ALL!
They will officially become second class citizens and lose all rights.
Don't like it? Then leave.

And if that bozo that runs the Vatican complains about anything, dump the lot of them on his doorstep.

Kathleen1031 said...

The globalist powers that be have seen enough now to convince them it could happen.
President Trump.
They are probably not taking a chance on Le Pen. I'm sure all the stops have been pulled out to prevent her from getting in. This is a battle for survival.
What else would happen to a nation that has turned it's back on it's faith. This is the natural progression, or, spiral.
This would have been America's fate. But Americans prayed. Oh yes, rosaries and Protestants, they prayed by the thousands, and God heard. Donald Trump was like a ghost, unseen, he came in and took that election, the one that the Communists would have fixed if they had seen it coming. But like a biblical miracle, they did not.

I do not know why you would say President Trump has sold out, or anything of the kind. The man is a singular phenomenon. He has already done so much that is good. He is reportedly a very hard worker, not at all like Obama, who actually did little but put minions on tasks and then played golf. President Trump is actively involved in improving our nation. He put a good man on the Supreme Court, which is something we need to appreciate. For heaven's sake, consider where we might be right now.
But thankfully, God pitied us.
I hope someone in France is praying. It is very, very late.

JTLiuzza said...

"Great nation"??

When is the last time France could ever present such a boast? Sixteenth century maybe?

The "eldest daughter" of the church is nothing but an aging whore. The French sealed their fate a long time ago. What boils me is all the young American men (and others) who gave their lives for those savages.

The French would have been better off under Hitler's thumb. They have been reaping what they've sown for centuries. I don't see any salvation for them now other than Divine intervention. They have for a long time been a conquered people.

Aged parent said...

I'm afraid you're right, JTLiuzza. France is in need of salvation.

Thank you for the comment. said...


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