Thursday, May 12, 2016

Lifestyles of the Rich and Disgusting

George Clooney look-a-like Jeffrey Epstein

Every once in awhile it is possible to stumble upon a story illustrating the everyday lives of the billionaires, the Plutocracy which, financially and politically, rules over us.  Though we are not a scandal sheet here (at least I hope not) we find it helpful to understand what motivates the power brokers who rub our faces in unnatural vice, start wars, reduce us to penury and bring chaos to our land and others.

One billionaire who has the usual Washington/New York/Hollywood connections - the same triumvirate that makes dramatic movies about Catholic pedophiles - is Mr Jeffrey Epstein.  We were alerted to this story by Mr Gilad Atzmon:

Normally we wouldn't sully our minds with the details of characters like Mr Epstein but the movers and shakers behind movies, presidential candidates, government, mass media, the judiciary and what's left of our culture need to be well known, and their actions well known.  That unsavory people like him are connected with the husband of the person who may be the next US president is a piece of information that fascinates us. So we must sometimes wade through the muck to learn about people like Jeffrey Epstein. That way we can get a better understanding of what is happening to us as a people and a nation.

Mr Epstein's Wiki entry is fascinating.  It describes a rich man, a philanthropist and.....something else.  We went to his personal vanity website but it has recently become defunct, so any news about his activities will have to be gleaned from the internet..

He is extremely well connected - to US politicians, British royalty and the major power brokers of the world.  This says much.  This kind of corruption is not exclusive to oligarchs as we know, but being educated about men like Epstein gives us an acute awareness of the situation we find ourselves in. Which is not pretty.

Some may ask why we should care about Mr Epstein.  Swine like him are a dime a dozen. This writer, at least, is curious to know what motivates a member of the Ruling Class.  It helps to know your sworn enemy.


Anonymous said...

And this is what they are preparing for the rest of the world:

I'm sure pope Frank will agree to that.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, anon.

I did see that article. Brazen little creeps, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure alcohol, drugs and sex soon gets boring for the Godless rich and filthy. They must find new diversions, new activities to fill their empty, pathetic lives. First they cheat on their spouse with employees and spouses of employees. Eventually they tire of that and seek new thrills. They try the dark side, same sex sins. When that too becomes less than exciting they seek even more exotic and forbidden sin, children and babies. What do they do when the lust for the innocent fades? The thrill of kill? Probably.

Fechangku Chen said...

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Lawrence said...

Anon. 5:12,
"The thrill of the kill? "Probably."

This has been going on, unabated, since 1973 with the legalization of abortion. The MANY Jews who support abortion are not in hiding. They are as proud of this as can be. (The deviant jewess, Gloria Steinem, even has it printed on her T-shirt.)
Listening to Planned Parenthood proponents make my blood run cold. Their lust for dead baby flesh is horrifying.

Everything that you have said is absolutely right.
There is not a deviancy that they do not partake in. There is not a deviancy that they do not promote.

Anonymous said...

Daily Christian bashing from the Anti-Christian sayanim hate site Disqus "Religion" channel

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