Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Drafting Women: Why the Republicans are just as evil as the Democrats

Take Duncan Hunter.  Please.

This stalwart Republican gent who warms a chair at the House Armed Services Committee has just proposed - and got passed - an amendment that women should now have to register for the draft,

Why?  Because the draft as it is now, according to stalwart Conservative Duncan Hunter (R, La-La Land), is "sexist".

Words fail me.


Rep Hunter (R, Stupidsville).  Where do these morons come from??

It was always evident that after playing the "women's rights" game for so many years that the psychopaths who rule over us would one day turn on them.  In America today no woman will be safe, either in the bathroom or now in the military [Recommendation to the Ladies: Stay out of the military.].  Those deluded gals who cheered on this advancement of women are now trapped in an Orwellian nightmare from which the only escape will be leaving the country, death or just possibly, fighting back.

And the men better get off their collective rumps and help their wives and daughters here, or they don't deserve to be called men.

Once we had two parties in this country, The Stupid Party and the Evil Party.  The Republicans can now revel in the fact that in addition to being stupid they are now evil, too.  But, really, they always were.

Duncan Hunter, not to put too fine a point on it, is a jerk.  More: an ignorant, bloodthirsty jerk.

As for the USA, it is a hopeless basket case.


Congress may vote on this as early as later this week.  If you care about your wives and daughters you may want to get on the phone and call your congressmen and senators ASAP:



Anonymous said...

I respectfully disagree.

Since women got the vote, they have fallen for snake-oil salesmen and voted in liberals that have advanced an agenda that's destroyed this country, while at the same time insulating themselves from a lot of the consequences like divorce law, "equal" pay, title IX, etc.

They will not change until that slammed over the head with consequences. You wanted equality? Well, you got it sister. Enjoy it. Oh, and by the way, now that you gals have destroyed the "Patriarchal" foundations of Christianity in America, your daughters and granddaughters I'm sure are going to love the "moderate" Islam that will rush into the spiritual vacuum you've created. Remember, hijabs usually run a few sizes small in the US, so order larger than needed!

Anonymous said...

It's not schadenfreude, but I must agree with Anon@3:28. 'Wimmen' wanted 'equality' and now they have it. They allowed the likes of Gloria Steinem et, al. to speak for them and sowed the wind, unfortunately they will now be forced to reap the whirlwind.
Of course there is an upside to all this craziness. A military with a substantial proportion of women within its ranks will not be an effective fighting force. We have less to fear when the globalists decide it is time to use their hi-tech military against us recalcitrant traditionalist and patriots.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if the gentlemen(?) who authored these two comments have any wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, granddaughters or other feminine individuals in their lives whom they do not hate. I'm presuming from the resentful, rather vicious tone of each that they were not authored by women.
In general, women whose men (fathers, husbands, brothers, sons) have loved, respected and protected them do not abandon the woman's role that is theirs by right. They're proud of it!
Neither of these two comments gives the impression of being written by other than an egotistical, bombastic ninny ("traditionalist" or not.)

Aged parent said...


I believe the gist of the article that I linked to, while it does contain some sarcasm, is generally concerned about this latest outrage. And in my own comments I am encouraging the men to step up to the plate and tell Congress and the Department of Defense where to go with this idiocy. Thanks for the comment.


Thanks for commenting. I can only hope that good, sensible women avoid the military, regardless of the benefits that are offered them. I have a niece who entered the military and came out completely messed up. I wouldn't wish that on any female.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 1:59 PM

You should have taken the opportunity to explain why women who have overwhelming voted liberal for decades should be spared the consequences of their political choices. You chose instead to ape the very kind of people they elect: resorting to name-calling, smearing, motive-questioning and the catch-all "hate-filled".

It's a pure appeal to emotion, empty of any intellectual argument.

Is it possible that the people who are calling for this are attempting to expose leftists as hypocrites and don't expect it to pass?

Aged parent said...


Thanks very much for your comment.

I remember that years ago in the 1970s the liberals then tried to pass the "Equal Rights Amendment" to the Constitution. It was terrible, horrible legislation that was ultimately defeated by the efforts of Mrs Phyllis Schafly and others. She warned then that if this thing got passed it would mean that there would be co-ed restrooms and showers (among other idiocies) and women in combat. All the things she warned against have come to pass so her victory, great as it was then, has been nullified by the monsters and plutocrats who rule over us. I am sure Mrs Schafly is now in tears over this.

Like you I do hope that men will rise up now to protect their womenfolk. It has to be done, and it has to be done now, not after the Super Bowl.

Thanks again for your heart-felt comment.

Aged parent said...


Is it possible that the people who are calling for this are attempting to expose leftists as hypocrites and don't expect it to pass?"

I doubt it. Both political parties are rotten to the core.

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