Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris: When the Church is sick, the world is sick

When the Church is sick, the world is sick.  And when the Church is healed the world will also be healed.

That should not be looked upon as a simplistic view of what ails us.  Common logic demands that we begin to notice the connection between the Church and the world.  After all, we have 2,000 years of history to well and truly prove this point.

People are still reeling from the attacks last night in Paris and at this juncture we cannot add any definitive explanation as to exactly who was behind this (though of course we can offer conjecture). The mainstream media will be useless when it comes to explanations, as will the heads of governments, like Hollande, Obama, Merkel and others who can be counted upon to offer all the approved cliches.  We will have to await serious evaluation by non-mainstream and mostly foreign news sources to at least help in understanding what happened,

(It is pathetic that many of the dead and wounded were attending a "concert" given by something called "Eagles of Death Metal".  It is more pathetic to have watched a talking head last night breathlessly announcing that the rock singers were uninjured.  Pity.)
Briefly, the illness of the Catholic Church, which has been plaguing her for a long, long time, has prevented her from speaking clearly on matters of faith, morals and worldly matters.  As such the current leaders of the Church will never say who it was who awakened a dormant militant Islam, who it is that uses it for its own ends and who it is who wants to create chaos among nations. They are too cowardly to tell the truth.  Just as they are too cowardly to tell the truth about the other attacks upon the Faith which are moral and spiritual in nature.

An emasculated Church will sit silent and agree with the Approved Narrative, of that we may be relatively certain.  They will offer the simplistic explanation.  If they would dare to delve deeper into the reasons for this madness they would have to confront the powerful entities who provoke these things as well as confronting their own inadequacies, and that our weak and ailing Church is not prepared to do.

In terms of conjectures as to what motivated this latest murder spree we would refer our readers to this interesting piece:

The linked article is a fascinating initial reaction to last night's horrors and well worth reading and thinking about.  You won't get that kind of thing from the media, or from the elitists who lord it over us.

The "Charlie Hebdo" crowd, fresh from their blasphemies against the Mother of God and all things beautiful, will possibly be silent about this.  "Charlie Hebdo" is a Rothschild-owned rag that recently took great delight, complete with their trademark inane cartoons, in the Russian airliner tragedy.  As commenter "Rehmat" noted in the comments section of the above link,

To understand France’s “Allah Akbar” yelling terrorists – one has to read recently published book, “Who is Charlie?” authored by no other than French historian, anthropologist, demographic, sociologist, and political scientist, Emmanuel Todd (Jewish).
After the release of book, Who is Charlie? – Manuel Valls, the pro-Israel French Zionist prime minister with an Israeli wife, posted a letter in country’s top newspaper Le Monde (May 7, 2015) denouncing the book and defending the ‘Million March’ in Paris in support of Rothschild-owned Charlie Hebdo’s rights to insult Islam and Christianity but not Judaism or Holocaust.

Another interesting initial reaction, from Christopher Manion:

A quote:

In March 2003, Pope John Paul II sent his personal emissary, Cardinal Pio Laghi, to deliver a letter to that “wonderful Christian,” George W. Bush, at the White House.
Bush curtly lay the letter aside, unopened, unread, and proceeded to deliver a churlish and childish lecture for Cardinal Laghi to convey back in Rome to one of the most gifted and intelligent men in recent history.
(In his heart of hearts, was this reformed drunk simply a belligerent bully?)
What did the sainted Pope’s letter say? It was simple: “Your invasion will cause chaos in the entire region, far beyond Iraq. Don’t do it!”

Some understandably angry Christians want to begin an actual war with these monsters.  Fine with me.  But who will they be at war with, the terrorist pawns who pull the triggers or the dark powers who have unleashed them in the first place?  Some idiots will no doubt go smashing into mosques with their SUVs thinking they are striking a blow against these animals.  But if they do that they will be playing directly into the hands of what writer Pepe Escobar calls "the Empire of Chaos".  If you want to fight this evil by all means take up arms and fight where appropriate, but at the same time don't forget to condemn the power-mad psychopaths who are using these terrorists to achieve ends that they want.  [Editor's Note: We are already hearing from "the media" that the assassins were screaming about "Syria".  How incredibly convenient for the powers-that-be.] While warring against actual Muslim fanatics denounce at the same time the people who have given them the money, training, weapons and logistics they need.

The Vatican, instead of telling the world that its rejection of Christ and those who are forcing that rejection upon mankind is the source of these unending atrocities, will offer its customary meaningless platitudes about the Paris nightmare.  We are already seeing some of these tedious statements in the media from prominent prelates.

Will anyone in the hierarchy admit that the Church is suffering from a debilitating illness that is not only destroying Her but the world?

Sadly, it is unlikely.

Until the Catholic Church is well again expect every sort of atrocity, immorality and evil to have full sway.  In the meantime we Catholics know how we must carry on.


Anonymous said...

Great article, likewise the unz link. Not sure about the Church being in intensive care, by all accounts it committed suicide at Vat II.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations upon writing this article which fits the brain and the heart as TRUTH does. Thank You.

1231234324 said...

**No you moron. Fidelity to Rome is fidelity to the deposit of faith in the catechism. Not the people. **

You mean the catechism that teaches "THE DIGNITY OF THE HUMAN PERSON" and the Virtue of "CHARITY"? The same Catechism that probably forbids calling people "morons"?

**Fidelity to Rome is fidelity to the deposit of faith in the catechism. Not the people. Fidelity to the Chair of Peter. Not a person enthroned who attempts to steer his people away from it.**

The call to "Fidelity"! It started with a few kook priests and Carol McKinley telling people not to follow them, but to follow the local ordinary (Cardinal Law) who carries the authority of Rome here in Boston.

Then they took away Cardinal Law..and replaced him with Bishop O'Malley. Carol Mckinley had high hopes, but soon found out that O'Malley wasn't to Carol's liking. Carol told people, he's only a Bishop...makes sure you are following a Price of the Church...a Cardinal! They are the only ones that carry the authority from Rome....not just any "Bishop".

They, guess what? They made O'Malley a CARDINAL! (Just like CARDINAL Law! SO he must carry the authority of Rome to Boston, no?)

But...we quickly found out that even a Cardinal Archbishop....a "Prince of the Church" didn't have enough authority for Carol. Now, she claimed "Fidelity" to the Pope...not Bishops, not priests, not Pastors, not Cardinals.

THEN..The pope retires...and is replaced by another Pope. And quickly Carol McKinley finds out that possibly she has been wrong all along...and her claim of "Fidelity" as just a "cover" to follow only her own desires and really not submit to any authority. So much for "Fidelity", eh?

All this talk of "Fidelity"...had to change, because it became clear that she was only Faithful to her own thoughts and ideas. She had "Fidelity" to anyone that agreed with her. With all her blogging and busybody work, she realized onething...that, in effect...SHE wanted to be a pastor, a bishop, a cardinal...SHE wants to be the Pope! The arbiter of what is allowed, what isn't. Carol wants to be the disciplinarian! All this is at odds with someone who claims to follow Spiritual Authority and has "Fidelity".

So we have seen through the veneer of, so called, "Fidelity. (Notice the old "Magisterial Fidelity" blog has gone fallow.) We have already pointed out that this claim of fidelity to the Catechism is flawed as well, calling people names, etc., no talk of charity, respect or the worth of the individual The fidelity to the Catechism is only in effect when she agrees with it.

I don't see any indication that the Catechisms teaching of humility and pride are being adhered to. Do you?

I Think we've pointed out the fallacy of Carol McKinley's "Fidelity".

As far as Magisterial or the Magisterium, Carol here is a refresher course:

"In Catholicism, the Magisterium is the authority that lays down what is the authentic teaching of the Church. For the Catholic Church, that authority is vested UNIQUELY in the POPE and the BISHOPS who are in communion with him."

Sorry Charlie....err...Carol.

Get on thy knees and meditate of the teachings of Humility and Pride.

Aged parent said...

Dear 1231234etc.

I am not sure what your comment is referring to. Is it referring to something in my article?

Aged parent said...

Dear Anons @ 5:12pm and 9:01pm:

Thank you for the kind words.

Anonymous said...

The Church not saying who is really behind this ?
You don't really expect the 'pope' to tell what his grade is in the masonry..

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:19,I had to smile after reading your comment, there is probably quite a bit of truth there! Certainly there are persistent and convincing rumors of John23 and his association with those in the 'craft'.

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