Saturday, June 6, 2015

One of Ireland's Assasins

I really have only one thing to say about billionaire Chuck Feeney, the man who gave millions to the pro-sodomy movement in Ireland which led to that nation's rejection of Jesus Christ:

look at his eyes.

They are the eyes of a man who is dead inside

They are the eyes of a man comfortable with some sort of twisted inner revelry and turmoil..

The eyes are, indeed, the window to the soul.


Anonymous said...

This Chuck Feeney character is news to me, he certainly slipped under the scrutiny of my radar. I read that he started out selling 'duty-free' liquor to American service personnel.....hmmm links to the 'House of Seagrams' or a certain Sicilian fraternal organisation perhaps?? My instincts tell me he is fronting a for far bigger outfit with a global reach.
Why would a "true son of Eireann" want to destroy the land of his ancestors? We need to 'follow the money' to answer that question.

TLM said...

Wow! Who cannot see the PURE EVIL in those eyes? Scary to look at.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he is possessed.
And he probably is.

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