Monday, June 22, 2015

Get the Hook

This morning's newspaper in my town, amid stories of black violence against white people, unimportant sports news that is made to seem important, pro-sodomy and pro-war propaganda from Washington and other notable sources and the latest news about which over-the-hill rock groups will be playing at the upcoming Summer festival next week, we find more ramblings from Peter's Chair in Rome.

These unhistoric and somewhat incoherent ramblings amount to some tardy finger pointing at governments during world war two who did not do enough to get rid of the concentration camps.  In order one supposes of papal preference, top billing goes to the Jews, then the gypsies, then the Christians (thanks for mentioning it) and, of course, homosexuals.  Homosexuals had to be mentioned because it is "the thing to do", and all good soldiers in the fight against racism and faggophobia must do their bits.

No historical context for these remarks was given, no suggestions as to what might have been done, not even any hindsight observations about how people should have responded to them - nor even how many people knew what was even going on in those camps, just as there are many Americans now who have no idea what was/is going on in our little secret camps around the world - or if they do know, refuse to acknowledge it.  It's all very nice and easy and cozy to castigate your ancestors about their failings real or imagined but not so easy to stand up to the current powers that be and demand an end to their injustices.  These remarks may win Rome some points with the Jewish press and the homosexuals but we cannot see how a single soul will be saved here and now, especially since no specifically Catholic view of the matter was expressed. When one incessantly talks in generalities it is not surprising that few consciences are pricked.  What these remarks seem to suggest is yet another performance for the ruling elite who like it so much when the powerful can be brought to, shall we say, their point of view.

As this dog and pony show has been going on a bit too long now our only response is: Get the Hook.

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Andrew II said...

Forget the hook. Get the rope.

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