Monday, February 2, 2015

The Learned Al Sharpton

In our efforts to bring to our readers the very best of contemporary thinking and analysis we offer this historical assessment by one of the vaunted leaders of our nation:

This cogent, well-argued statement from one of President Obama's closest advisors certainly deserves our careful study.


Anonymous said...

It appears every nation or ethnic group requires its own sustaining myths. The fact that these myths are not based on historical 'fact' is of little consequence. The competition between contradictory and mutually exclusive myths will ultimately bring the experiment in multi-culturalism crashing down. That is to be welcomed, but I fear the elites have something more fearful up their sleeves.

Anonymous said...

A truly sad individual, forgotten about the humility of leadership and remembered the greed of power. Should be more like Dr. Ben Carson in action and discussion. This man is a true bigot - hears but never listens, looks but never sees, takes all but never gives a thing.

Marie said...

Why is this man called "Reverend?" Does he have a tax-exempt church congregation? Since he meddles in politics, should he be told of the so-called "separation of church and state?"
Again, why is he called "Reverend?"

S. Armaticus said...

I sometimes wonder if by any chance the good reverend was not one of the periti that advised the Council Fathers during VII?

I am sure that "careful study" of the VII documents would bear that out.


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