Thursday, January 29, 2015

Preparing for the Pope's October Surprise

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the Church....

I had just begun writing this post several weeks ago starting with the above sentence, and then came the news of Cardinal Burke's call for men to start acting like men (a theme we have explored here from time to time).  It is all over the internet and is easy to find.  Bravo to the Cardinal.

My thoughts, therefore, are a bit of an anti-climax to the words of His Eminence but I will offer this shortened version of what we were originally going to post.  In October of this year the Rhine Faction in the Church, which once gave us Luther and the Anabaptists, is preparing well and brilliantly their offensive for the Synod of Sodomy, Part Two, or as we call it here "The Bastard Synod".  They have tested the waters, they have assessed their enemies' strengths and fortifications and ability to respond and are preparing accordingly.  Unlike conservatives, the Modernists learn from the past and are not inclined to repeat mistakes.

This puts a tremendous responsibility on Catholics; they will have to defend the Faith against the Wolfish Bishops who are, if we can believe Cardinals like Marx and Kasper, determined to have their way.  We can assume based on all reliable reports that the Pope himself favors the revolutionary overriding of settled Catholic dogma regarding the mortal sin of sodomy and adultery using the old method, tried and true, of liberalizing the reception of Holy Communion.  Hilary White quotes the Modernist Baldissseri on these points, and he assures the world that it was the Pope himself who insisted that controversial Synod statements would be published and acted upon this coming October.  This tried and true method has worked before and very successfully 45-odd years ago with Vatican 2, the Most Exalted Council in All History.  The Rhine (and the Potomac) flowed into the Tiber during the Second Vatican Council and we can see the results of that.  Now they are prepared to repeat that magic trick once again this October.  Journalists, laymen, lowly bloggers all have to gear up for what is going to be a battle royale, one which could very well be a decisive one.  The omens are not good.  These determined Modernists have the machinery in their hands, the machinery of the Church.  It is virtually impossible to defeat those who control the mechanics.  At the closing of the Synod Cardinal Marx remarked, "The real work is about to begin".  I think we might take him at his word.

The great Bishop Athanasius Schneider, stalwart defender of the Holy Eucharist, knows what is at stake.  He fears an onslaught of sacrilegious Communions in the offing unprecedented in Church history.  Episcopal nonentities like Dolan and Wuerl routinely give sacrilegious Communions to the likes of Biden and Pelosi now, but if the Synod fathers have their way this sacrilege will explode with the spectacle of homosexuals and divorced/remarried Catholics receiving, accompanied by the additional spectacle of people like Pelosi being looked upon as a justified martyr.  If Pope Francis has not considered the ramifications of allowing public sinners, and sinners of the most vile sort, receive Communion without Confession and amending their lives then the Catholic Church will be at the moment of total collapse.  Bishop Schneider is confident that there will be a restoration, and all Catholics, at least those who have not taken leave of their senses, can agree.  But I am looking at souls falling into Hell "like snowflakes" in the interim.

We have about nine months to work together to try, with the grace of God, to defeat them, using the tools we have been given.  The tool of choice, aside from prayer and fasting, which should be on the very top of our to do list, is the internet.  Gentlemen, it is up to us to lead the way.  The ladies will be there to help us as they always will with their own wisdom, wit and tenacity, but the men have to lead this campaign.  Feminized men will be useless; feminine women will be our hearts.  We (very much including yours truly) have been deficient in protecting our wives, our children and our Church.  This hard truth needs to be pinned to our wall: we have failed too often in our duty.  And that failure has helped mightily to bring us to this sorry pass.

The response to personal failings is contemplation to begin with.

Father C John McCloskey, in referring to Hilaire Belloc, says this, which is apropos our discussion:

"Young men and their fathers can see him as a true Christian knight and warrior, who at the same time was a great family man with dozens of friends ... and a layman! And certainly in today's culture, we need men of true heroism." 

Every man must enter the lists.  There are those, we know, who will not.  These will be more and more ignored as the crisis becomes worse.  It is probably a waste of time to do battle with these types, who are termed by some "neo-Catholics".  We must concentrate our forces elsewhere and not waste precious resources with people who for whatever reason refuse to see the imminent danger we are in.

The US government pays agents to write comments to blogs in support of their pet projects, be it the promotion of sodomy, anti Russian hysteria, war mongering, support for Obamacare or what have you.  The Israeli government does the same thing, trying to use blog comments and social media to distract attention away from their misdeeds and crimes and support the Israeli narrative.  Thus we have two excellent examples to follow.  An intelligent, cogently argued response to the Modernists in the Church would be a profitable way to begin and by that we mean responding to the Modernists on their own sites.  When Crux or the National Catholic Reporter or any other of that ilk spouts their views we can reply in the comments section, calmly and reasonably.   Letters to the Editor and friendly meetings with the type of priest who would normally be uninterested in hearing anything against the Bastard Synod would in my view by a prudent and potentially helpful.

If a Cardinal like Kasper should by chance grace your city to make a speech, be there, ready with a few questions for him.  He likes to make the rounds of the speaking circuit and I have no doubt his frequent flyer miles will be adding up impressively in the next nine months.

This recent petition, which seems like a very worthy effort, is one to consider:

Men who are worth their salt protect their wives, their children and their Church.  We have just been given a reminder by Cardinal Burke.


Anonymous said...

Firstly, let me say I agree 100% with your article and any comments are somewhat superfluous, however without wishing to muddy the waters here is my 10 cents' worth.
Napoleon is alleged to have said, "when I see my opponent about to make a mistake I don't stop him". Kasper and his canting crew are hellbent on making a mistake of millennial proportions. Our position is weak and our opposition will only make their mistake less egregious, so why stop him?
If successful their 'reforms' will be accoladed far and wide as another 'fruit of Vat II' and the Church will stagger on a while longer before imploding. We, however will be the saving remnant and can confidently step back to reclaim the Catholic Church. Churches will lie empty but over the years we will be able to buy them for modest sums.
Perhaps I'm being overly optimistic?

SECRET OBAMACARE COMMENTER (shhhh it's a secret!) said...

"US government pays agents to write comments to blogs" ... Did you remember to wear your tinfoil hat this morning?

bleusmon said...


There is some room for qualified optimism in your analysis and subsequent speculation as to what will follow.

However, I suspect empty churches will be sold to Muslims for conversion into mosques for sums far greater that we will be able to produce.

Phil Steinacker

Aged parent said...

Secret Obamacare Commenter:

I will avoid responding to your tiresome comments and instead refer you to the following:

It's not exactly news that our government does this, you know. Israel does it as well, and quite effectively.

Steve said...

It seems that the call has been heard by more and more men and women too. Cardinal Burke sent a shot heard around the world. In fact, I started my own blog 6 weeks ago for these reasons, which I have called Ex Magna Silentium (Out of Great Silence), which reflects my formerly silent fuming and not saying much of anything about these attacks on the Church Catholicism. I hope you don't mind, but I am going to share your post there today.
And I'm now going to be regularly following what you do here! Thanks

Aged parent said...

Dear Steve:

Thanks for your comment and my very best wishes for your new blog. Perhaps it will be the bloggers and those who speak up who will help put an end to this madness.

We bloggers may not all agree on every topic but we must be absolutely together when it comes to fighting the enemies of our beloved Church.

Anonymous said...

I too noted that we have nine months until the end of the synod, the gestation period for a baby, so let us make the Church our 'baby' in that we pray, fast, and do penance so that any ill-spirited plans may be squashed.

Andy from Spokane said...

Only a moron...or a liar...would deny fed/political trolls and shills in the social media circles. They are as east to spot as a "catholic" for obama.

S. Armaticus said...

Personally, I do not things are quite as dire as you paint them. Team Francis is becoming very aggressive, which is more due to the the fact that they are losing the battle within the Church than a sign of a position of strength. The card. Baldisseri abuse of the laity recently is a good case in point. They appear to have a siege mentality and are striking out at whoever they think is an enemy, whether real or perceived.

That being said, they are very dangerous indeed. The reason that they are dangerous is that Francis is an absolute monarch. He can do whatever he wants, regardless of what the bishops say at the Synod.

However, what is driving the Potemkin village of collegiality, i.e. Synod of the Family is that Francis is a coward. He doesn't want a real confrontation nor the blame for when this whole thing goes pear shaped. So he is doing it through proxies like Marx and Kasper. And this is where you are absolutely correct that his proxies will be logging in many air mile in the next 9 months. It would appear that the strategy is now to get the synod delegates to vote and hope to have more than 50% ayes. How sad is that for a pope?

As to what can and must be done, I think the best weapon that the forces of Catholicism have is the Internet. Bishop Schneider gave us confirmation of this fact. As a matter of fact, it was so successful that it stopped Team Francis in their tracks at the Secret Synod of 2014 and caused the present crisis. Therefore, on the blog side, what is needed is for bloggers to "focus like a laser" on the upcoming synod. What's needed is... as the old football expression goes "to flood the zone". What the bloggers need to do is to produce a "continuous high pitched noise. in the form of quality analysis and commentary, with an increasing decibel level leading up to a crescendo right at the start of the Sex Synod of 2015.

The target market, if you will, should be the clergy. The more clergy that can be reached the better. Now, the clergy will no doubt be speaking with their ordinaries, and those ordinaries will be speaking with the reps that their respective bishops conference will be sending to Rome.

And hopefully everyone will be reading the blogs. :)

Excuse the self serving plug, but that is exactly what I am doing on my blog.

As to the individual actions, yes by all means show up at these functions where the modernist will be making their pitch. One other social media venue is the webcasts and online chats with bishops. One good case in point is the questions that the From Rome blog addressed to his Eminence card. Napier a few weeks back. There is a great post on the blog with the source twitter communications, which can act as a good example of how to carry one of these conversations.

But any idea for contact with these people is good. Remember, it's the impression that these people are left with that counts.

I ran long, so I will sign off.

Pax Christi


Anonymous said...

Re S. Armaticus, spot-on analysis.

I hope this doesn't sound too negative, but the conclusion I've reluctantly come to is that because the Church hierarchy are celibate and have no biological stake in the future, ie., no progeny, they are easily gulled by nebulous ideas of 'globalized humanity'. Since Vatican II, and probably before the 1960's, the Church has developed a very intolerant streak with respect to identity and national feeling. Many Cardinals and Bishops are quite opposed to the desires of their congregations to maintain traditional and national cultures.
The attack on the family in the upcoming synod should not surprise us. The Church, indeed most churches, now favor social atomization.

S. Armaticus said...

Dear Anon:
As to your comments, the real, real and one more time real reason is that these clergy have LOST THE FAITH.


Aged parent said...

I really must say that I believe many of these comments are vitally important and I am grateful for them. I will do my best to reply to some of them.

Anon@10:08: You have an interesting take on the situation, that of letting Kasper and his crew to essentially stew in their own juice and let the whole mess come crashing down on our heads. There is much to be said for that point of view. Alas my heart aches over the number of souls who will end up in Hell due to the crimes of this Synod and that is what motivates me to keep writing about it. Nevertheless there is some justice in seeing their house of cards crumble, in the hopes that it will at last awaken the sleeping giant of Catholicism and begin the restoration.

"Bluesmon" rightly points out the coming loss of even more churches due to the willful blindness of the Vatican, as we see our patrimony wrenched away from us. Sobering.

Anon @4:28: Your comparison of the nine-month gestation period is striking.

Andy from Spokane: Thanks for commenting. It saddens me that so many still refuse to see how they can be so easily manipulated. One of the reasons I began this blog project was to open more eyes to that manipulation.

S Armaticus: Having read many of your comments on other internet sites I am very pleased you have commented here, and so brilliantly. Yes, I paint a dire picture, much of that being based upon so many sadly misinformed Catholics, so misinformed that I often wonder if they realize the extreme and imminent danger they are in from having the whole of their faith washed away in an instant by these bastards, clerical and lay. Having said that, however, I believe you have made an important point: focus like a laser on them.

The "siege mentality" point is most interesting and I believe you are on to something there. You are also correct in pointing out that the clergy could be a choke point. If we can awaken more of them to the danger looming we might have a chance. Priests too, however, can succumb to Kasperian propaganda which is why I think your point about seeing them as a target area is excellent.

Thanks much for the comment - which was not long enough! I looked in to your blog and found much to admire, by the way, and I wish you well on it. My email is should you ever need it, or should anyone else need it.

Anon @7:11 this morning: Good points all. Many thanks for commenting.

S. Armaticus said...

Dear Aged Parent,
Thks for your kind words.
I am also glad I found your blog. I have included it on my blog roll.

Anonymous said...

I'm just circling back. You're very welcome for the reblog. We are all concerned about the same thing but we each say things and see things differently. And I'm now a follower of your blog! Thanks for what you're doing.

Rr said...

Just a little correction: "out of the great silence" translates in "ex magno silentio". Ex wants the ablative case, silentium,-ii in the ablative is in -o, and of course the adjective magnus-a,-um, concords in gender and case and number, so it too ends in -o.
Rosa, -ae, Italy

Anonymous said...

It is very pleasing to see a Latin scholar is reading the posts on this site. English despite its world wide usage is not a very precise language.

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