Monday, December 9, 2013


Yet another fatuous and extremely stupid remark from His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Cheesehead.  Just when you thought he had run out of ways of putting his foot in his mouth (and in disgracing the Church) he surprises us with something new and exciting.

The Church's garrulous Clown Prince has delivered a eulogy of deceased Communist Nelson Mandela, praising this man to the skies.  Perhaps not too surprisingly the Cardinal's remarks followed the equally ludicrous tribute to the man offered by the Sovereign Pontiff.

When fighting against the less than dire institution of "apartheid" in South Africa, Mr Mandela and his minions would confront those who disagreed with his anti-apartheid stance by applying the "necklace" to them, which consists of putting a rubber tire around the victim's shoulders, filling it with gasoline and lighting it up.  This is the "Christ-like" figure which some in our hierarchy find so inspiring.  But anything is OK so long as you can have blacks and whites drinking from the same water fountain in Cape Town.

Then again there is a matter of a few million dead black babies.  And forcing buggery upon an African population that instinctively finds it revolting.

As usual, Anthony Fraser has some trenchant observations to make at his Apropos blog about the slobbering being done over the late Mr Mandela:

His Eminence and the Pope decided to overlook Mandela's promotion of sodomy, abortion and the murdering of his political opponents.  These are trivialities after all.

In brief, I find His Eminence sickening.  I have lost count of how many idiotic remarks have come from this man's mouth.

May God grant him the gift of permanent laryngitis.


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if Bp Dolan laments not having the chance to sit at table with Mendela the Murderer and yack it up like he did with the other murderer obama. Maybe he'll get his chance later.

aly said...

@Anonymous, oooh, I involuntarily chuckled. And reading this Post a laugh involuntarily burst forth. Mandela articles and comments are everywhere. I haven't read one but I will read this link. I just listened to someone talking about the lobbiests writing legislation and how congressmen/senators being given Cliff's notes that they yak about. I guess this is the way with all busy men.

Joe Potillor said...

A murderer does not deserve acknowledgement...hence why I'm not doing so at my blog, your comments about Cardinal Cheesehead are dead on :)

Anonymous said...

Did you read Bishop Tobin's comments? He certainly spoke like a Catholic bishop. Better to be in dispute with the words of a fellow bishop...or pope...than with the words of God.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, anon. I had not seen Bishop Tobin's remarks but I looked them up after reading your comment. What a breath of fresh air his remarks were.

Many thanks again for bringing it to my attention.

For those who have not seen it here is a piece from the obnoxious Boston Globe:

Steve Dalton said...

Dolan should have a theme song. Remember the Dragnet theme? Dumb de dumb dumb. Dumb de dumb dumb dumb!

Aged parent said...

Mr Dalton:


Anonymous said...

Anybody know this disgusting bishop's email address? How about the email of his earthly boss?

Human beings did not do this. Inhuman beings did. And here is their leader getting credit for the idea:

Aged parent said...

Anon @11:22am:

You can respond to Cardinal Dolan's eulogy by clicking on the highlighted word in the above article which takes you right to his blog.

The Pope can be emailed at

Anonymous said...


Lynda said...

These bishops surely put us through the mill. They are the greater cause of our suffering.

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