Thursday, December 5, 2013


A trial was set to begin challenging the US government's egregious "no fly list", which prevents people it doesn't like from travelling on an airplane.

Several witnesses were ready to testify at the trial, but when they arrived at the airport to travel to the city in which the trial was being held they found out that suddenly they were on a no-fly list!

It just gets funnier by the minute.  And starts to resemble an episode of The Untouchables:  Elliot Ness finally gets Frank Nitti and Al Capone to go to trial, and when the time for the trial comes up all the prosecution witnesses turn up dead.  In Our Supreme Leader's case, they all end up on a no-fly list so they can't travel to the city to testify.  They should probably be grateful they're not wearing cement overshoes and swimming with the fishes.

Let us all join together in singing the Star Spangled Banner.

Bananas for the leaders of the Banana Republic


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your humerous combination of pictures with thus article. I really dislike getting groped by TSA goons but I found myself laughing while reading this because of those pictures. The second one is priceless, LOL

Anonymous said...

Not just in Africa, are the Idolators!
- Fr. john+

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