Saturday, July 13, 2013


Isn't is just charming to note that our tax dollars are being used by our (In)Justice Department to foment riots should the verdict in the George Zimmerman trial declare him not guilty?  Peruse this incredible revelation:

I had thought that I could no longer be shocked by the utter and complete corruption of our government in Washington, D.C., and its paymasters in New York.  I was wrong.

If large groups of ignorant thugs do become unglued over this we have our own government, and the news media (who just love to sell papers) and a plethora of other mindless idiots and the rabble they are rousing to thank for it.  Any blood that is, God forbid, spilled over this will be entirely on their hands.

Not, mind you, that spilling a little blood overly troubles our Assassin-in-Chief.


I had no sooner posted this than the verdict of not guilty has just come in.  Please God that cool heads prevail.

1 comment:

aly said...

All the usual suspects demanding
extra-jurisprudence; extra-disgrace-ful.

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