Saturday, July 13, 2013


With our greatest thanks our dear friend Anthony Fraser is pressing on with his Editor's blog over at his APROPOS web site.  From time to time he publishes his usual pertinent observations on all things a Catholic should know.  This is crucial, because if the Catholics don't start to understand the problems in Church and State no one else will.

Tony has published his latest interesting blog notes and has included as a bonus an invaluable study of Democracy by Arnaud de Lassus, a man who is greatly admired around here at The Eye-Witness.

This is a must read, an important read.  You can find it by clicking on to the APROPOS link on the side bar or going to this link:

Our sincerest gratitude to Tony Fraser, as always.

1 comment:

aly said...

It is incomparable. It's a very good site. Reading there is time well spent. They are now cursed as we U.S. and others are. It seems the evidence is all around us.

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