Sunday, July 15, 2012


Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano
Apostolic Nuncio to the US
3339 Massachusetts Ave
Washington, DC 2008

Your Excellency:

This past March I wrote to you about the atrocious scandal caused by His Eminence Cardinal Wuerl, when he publicly disciplined and humiliated a faithful priest for refusing to give Holy Communion to a homosexually-disturbed woman, who is also a Buddhist no less.  With some knowledge of how the Church functions in the matter of grave scandal I did not expect you (or the Holy Father) to immediately take this Cardinal aside and read him the riot act but I most certainly expected, as a Catholic and in justice, to have at least received a reply from you explaining how such a horrendous situation would be dealt with.  Alas, as is getting to be the norm in such cases, the pleas of Catholics are to be brushed aside by a hierarchy that fiddles while Rome burns.

Let me speak frankly, Your Excellency.  Donald Wuerl is an utter disgrace to his cloth, to his Church and even to his manhood, assuming he has any.  On July 12th, the Washington Post newspaper, to the delight of the sex perverts, the haters of the Church, the Washington political establishment and most likely to the Evil One himself, reported that the Washington diocese - which means Donald Cardinal Wuerl - has dismissed this fine priest, Rev. Father Michael Guarnizo.  The gloating and the celebrations are in full swing, as you can see from the responses to the article:

Is the Church, is the Holy Father pleased with this outcome?  Are those in Rome and in the Archdiocese of Washington happy that the Church has been disgraced anew at the hands of sexual miscreants and cowardly prelates?  Are there smiling faces at the Vatican now that the Church's credibility, already teetering on the brink, has been trashed once again?  May I ask Your Excellency, are you yourself pleased by this?  And if, as I hope, you and Rome are not pleased by this will someone now, at long last, do something about this?  If the Cardinal is allowed to go on his merry way unpunished for what he has done, what of the Church's credibility?

The hierarchy in America is currently involved in a fight with the US government over this Obamacare debacle.  What does Your Excellency imagine Washington thinks about the consistency, the clout or the influence of the Bishops now that one of their own has basically told the world that it is perfectly all right for a homosexual sodomite and a non-Catholic to receive the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ?  Does Your Excellency imagine that the jackals and despots in Washington are quaking in their boots, in fear of the US Bishops?  Hardly.  They are laughing, Your Excellency, and I suspect you know that.  They know they have nothing to fear from prelates like Donald Wuerl who are more afraid of offending queers than Christ.

All my life I have made it a practice to address the hierarchy in humble and respectful tones.  I have kissed the rings of Bishops.  I have ever addressed them with terms of respect.  But this time, Your Excellency, please understand that I have had enough and I am going to speak and write more directly.  I am sick and tired of watching the Church being dragged through the mud by prelates such as Wuerl and I demand in justice, and as a Catholic, that something be done about this. I am asked constantly in my parish to donate this or that sum of money to this or that Catholic need.  I have done so even in the four years I have been unemployed and trying to somehow keep my home and feed my family.  But if the Church, from Rome on down, continues to treat loyal Catholics with contempt by allowing people like Cardinal Wuerl to go on and on undisciplined then I am at an end to my financial support, poor as it has been.  I will give my money to sound Catholic causes, not to Chanceries who no longer understand what it means to be Catholic.

I ask you again, Your Excellency, to personally intervene in this case and to restore Father Guarnizo's reputation.  Justice demands this.  And if the Vatican still wishes to protect this unspeakable Cardinal's feelings they can simply bypass him and issue a loud and clear statement that Father Guarnizo acted properly and that he is a priest in good standing.

If nothing is done, Your Excellency, then the responsibility for the scandal, the loss of Faith and the disgrace to the Church rests with those who do nothing.

Yours very truly,

                                                         [Benedict's tragic mistake]                                   

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