Saturday, July 14, 2012


Glibert Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, Arthur Penty, Amintore Fanfani and all the other Distributists and solid economic thinkers and philosophers (not to mention the great Popes who took seriously the Social Kingship of the Church's Divine Founder) warned us that things like this would happen under a Capitalism run amok, a Capitalism without conscience, a Capitalism gone crazy.


If there was ever a company that perfectly epitomizes "the Evil Corporation" of song and fable, surely it would be those friendly folks at Monsanto.  They're amazing.  They have taken greed and turned it into an art form.  Piratical, cold-hearted and in collusion with the Federal government, the shenanigans of these folks have to be seen to be believed.

Here are a number of helpful links:

Writing the blowhards and ward-heelers in Congress is usually a waste of time but you may want to let them know what you think:


Speaking of solid economic thinkers, may I respectfully recommend one of the most sensible websites on the internet, one that deals well with these issues: it is IHS Press.  They also specialize in reprinting brilliant works on this matter:


Anonymous said...

Ah yes. The leading manufacturer of DDT and Agent Orange. I wonder if they also supplied Eva Braun, Jim Jones and the killers of Socrates.

Roger Buck said...

I am grateful indeed to discover your weblog, which I am bookmarking.

I is all-too-rare to find a true Catholic blogging, who is also deeply concerned about the horror of global capitalism.

However what has really drawn me to this site is our mutual love of Hilaire Belloc.

Dear Hilaire Belloc who has turned my life inside out ...

I am leaving you a link here, which leads to some of my own musings about Belloc, which may interest you or others visiting this site.

Not sure the link will work.

If not clicking on my name, should take people to the same link ..

Aged parent said...


Indeed. Monsanto just continues to amaze me. They are just despicable.

Aged parent said...

Mr Buck:

Many thanks for those kind and inspiring words. We share a love for a great man.

I am now finishing his HOW THE REFORMATION HAPPENED and find it endlessly fascinating. It would seem that Christ's enemies which are the Church's enemies are employing many of the same tactics now that they used in the 16th-17th centuries. They are all there to see in Belloc's book.

Very much enjoyed perusing your blog. Keep us the fine work.

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