Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Episcopal Junk Peddlers at work

Here we go again with the same old tripe:  we need married priests due to a dearth of vocations.

Does anyone, anyone at all, really still buy this?

We need married priests like we need a hole in the head.  What we need is men. Dedicated, strong, manly, spiritual men.  Why aren't these types attracted to the priesthood?  It is not because they cannot have a wife.  The reasons why these kinds of men are uninterested in the priesthood is due to he emasculation of the priesthood, the Mass, the sacraments and I dare say the Church herself, and a man's total uninterest in what passes for the priesthood these days thanks to the Modernist virus.  It is as simple as that and no expensive time-wasting Church commission is needed to discover this truth.

What man wants to join a club where all one has to do is to make a complete ass of oneself mincing and prancing around an ugly altar or sitting quietly in the background while some ridiculous old bag sings (off-key) some new hymn that wouldn't have passed muster in kindergarten?  What serious man, wanting to save souls, would have the slightest interest in working under the coterie of episcopal buffoons that now grace the world's chanceries and who are nothing but toadies for whatever regime is in power, in Church or State?  Men don't want to go along to get along; they want to lead, and in the case of the priesthood that means leading their flock to Heaven.  They are not going to get that job done wearing silly, effeminate "vestments" hand-crafted by nuns lacking totally in any artistic or millinery talent.  They want to be seen in the robes of reverence, not the cast-off rags of aging hippies.

The modern Church, the modern Mass and the modern priesthood is not going to attract good and real men.  It will, however, attract time-servers, cowards, sex perverts and dullards of every stripe and hue.

This is perfectly well known by the masters of chaos who now rule the roost in Rome.  First they create the priest shortage problem, a deliberate, calculated act, then create the false solution: married priests, or priestless churches, or lay-run parishes.  Anything but the right medicine.  We must always remember that "the result achieved is the result intended".  I cannot imagine what more it would take to convince people that this priest shortage was a policy, not a problem.

The new El Supremo in Rome, the Argentinian martinet, has decided that there will be yet another Synod to discuss the vocations crisis.  Only the most obtuse will fail to see what will be coming from that.  Married priests for certain; women priests very possibly.  The Revolution must go on, and the episcopal Talleyrands and Voltaires will be very active in the coming months.  And I have no doubt that the Lund Horror, about to hit us in a few days, will lay much groundwork for the next Synod of Infamy, as well as for a further advance of what can only be described as a Masonic victory dance on the grave of the Catholic Church.

There are many grave-diggers who have done the early spade work to bring us to this pass.  In the late 18th century, a few short years after the French Revolution, the Church's grave site was selected and the initial digging started.  In the 19th century more workers in masonic aprons grabbed their shovels and continued the digging.  A few pontiffs saw the dangers and said something; others said nothing. In a state of shock St Pius X and his loyal helper Merry del Val tried to root out and stop the destrucion with the Oath Against Modernism.  They failed.  Following Pius very little else was done with the exception of a few solid papal encyclicals, most of which were ignored anyway since they were rarely backed up by papal enforcement. (An example: Pius XI wrote some wonderful encyclicals but could not bring himself to any meaningful enforcement.  But on the other hand when it came to Action Francaise he acted swiftly.....and wrongly.)  The next Pius, the twelfth of that name, also seemed deaf to the cries of warning Catholics (and the Virgin of Fatima) and would go on to prepare the way, knowingly or unknowingly, for the monumental folly of Vatican II.  And in that sad bargain he advanced the sinister Montini which would propel him to the papacy.  This is not to denigrate people like Pius XI and XII; it is only to show that they were capable of making horrible mistakes in policy.

Then came the disasters of John XXIII, Montini and John Paul II.  John Paul II who began the public degradation of the Church with his apologies (!) to the Jews*, the Protestants and the rest.  When we look at the nightmare we are now living through we must never forget the groundwork that was laid, and who laid it. Francis is merely continuing, with force majeure, the policies of his immediate predecessors,  Though he is certainly unique in his approach he nevertheless is merely continuing the Revolution (It has been noted that Freemasonry was especially active in Latin America for two centuries.  It is just possible that this explains at least some of the policies of Bergoglio).

If we wish to see real men in the priesthood we will need to understand the forces arrayed against them.  The traditional orders are producing some fine men, of course, even if a few bad apples occasionally find their way into these orders.  But I fear this is not enough.

The Church as now run and administered will do terrible damage to those good men who really do have a vocation and yet are not ready to plunge into a seminary that teaches what the Church had always taught before the Revolution. If they are not weeded out by the homosexualists who are still very much in control (contrary to the absurd protestations of Cardinal Dolan whose chancery is infested with them, like so many other chanceries) they will be demoralized by the rubbish shoved in their faces by their teachers.  To be fair, there are some Vatican II-ized seminaries that are trying to teach and nurture vocations but how long that will last under the current dire situation is unknown. Even if they come out of the seminary sane and unscathed they will soon be confronting a Wuerl, or a Cupich....and Amoris Laetitia.

When the drumbeat begins for married priests and/or women priests do please let the drumbeaters know that they are talking the merest nonsense and if they really want to create vocations (which, of course, they don't) they had better put away the altar girls, the idiotic vestments and the idiotic New Mass.  Have smelling salts on hand when you tell them this.

* [This is especially ripe.  When John Paul II in 2000 wanted to create diplomatic relations with the Israeli-occupied state, something all of his predecessors, deeming it unthinkable, categorically rejected for obvious reasons, the Jewish leaders would only accept this rank injustice to the Catholic Palestinians if the Church publicly apologized for 2,000 years of Catholic persecution of the Jews. The Pope complied.]


Anonymous said...

I will not be entrusting my soul to a married priest. Experiencing married priests in the Eastern Rite was enough to convince me of the wisdom of The Church in listing marriage as one of the impedements of the priesthood. Why this is permitted must havebeen part of the concession to return from their schism like the concession regarding the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and the Son.

Matthew 6:24
No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon.

No priest can serve both his wife and God, his children and God, his married duty of state and God. To be a priest is to be wed to The Church. The life of a priest is to be one of sacrifice. It is not a nine to five job. Priests have a full plate of obligations already, not the least if which are the ones meant for their own sanctification because holy priests beget holy parishioners. I am not talking about the counterfeit Novus Ordo religion, of course.

These devils pushing such nonsense are just trying to Protestantize the Church even more than they already have these past decades.

Anonymous said...

Great article! Glad to see you are firing on all cylinders.

Aged parent said...

Anon@2:22: Well said.

"G": Thanks. Not sure all of the cylinders are firing, though!

Anonymous said...

I consider myself pretty manly, and I was willing to give it a try.

Spent 8+ years attempting a late vocation.

They wouldn't have me.

Still not sure why...

That's ok. It is not my Church, it is Christ's.

But yeah, the bad singing, the applause, the insipid homilies, and the prayers of the faithful...(This week we prayed for the Jews who will be celebrating yom kippur or something - I don't get it).

Probably better that I remain in the pews. I'm not God's instrument to reform His Church, and it doesn't seem He is ready to act yet, anyway...

Aged parent said...


A poignant comment. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

"probably better that I remain in the pews"

Come out of her, My people...

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