Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The Facebook Censorship Coalition

That notable Irishman Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the Facebook empire, is officially collaborating with the Israeli government on a plan to censor views they don't like.  Ho-hum.  Does this surprise anyone?

I find Facebook to be utterly stupid in concept, even while agreeing that occasionally some enterprising souls can use it to get some truth out into the world.  But putting aside the idiocy of its concept we now see a plan to control the occasional good speech therein, and controlling speech is always the forerunner of a totalitarian dictatorship waiting in the wings.  The good that this internet site can sometimes do will now find itself at the tender mercies of a collaboration between the so-called state of Israel and the ridiculous Zuckerberg, friend of presidents and Popes.

From Glenn Greenwald:

LAST WEEK, A MAJOR censorship controversy erupted when Facebook began deleting all posts containing the iconic photograph of the Vietnamese “Napalm Girl” on the ground that it violated the company’s ban on “child nudity.” Facebook even deleted a post from the prime minister of Norway, who posted the photograph in protest of the censorship. As outrage spread, Facebook ultimately reversed itself — acknowledging “the history and global importance of this image in documenting a particular moment in time” — but this episode illustrated many of the dangers I’ve previously highlighted in having private tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google become the arbiters of what we can and cannot see.
Having just resolved that censorship effort, Facebook seems to be vigorously courting another. The Associated Press reports today from Jerusalem that “the Israeli government and Facebook have agreed to work together to determine how to tackle incitement on the social media network.” These meetings are taking place “as the government pushes ahead with legislative steps meant to force social networks to rein in content that Israel says incites violence.” In other words, Israel is about to legislatively force Facebook to censor content deemed by Israeli officials to be improper, and Facebook appears eager to appease those threats by working directly with the Israeli government to determine what content should be censored.

Read the whole article here.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize."  (Voltaire)


Linda Zentner said...

I always considered myself a tough cookie, but I now find myself hesitating to post on fb-- annotations for Holy Days. I now fear condemnation publicly--but by "friends." Since that's all I use fb for anyway, i.e.-- placing gentle Catholic reminders there ------now there's no point for me to even be there.

Aged parent said...

Thanks for the comment.

Well, who knows? Maybe you can still find a way to get the truth out...even on fb. We will all have to become "wise as serpents" in order to circumvent the "censors".

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