Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Philip Chism: Poster Boy for all those people who want men to sneak into the Ladies Room

To read some of the articles relating to this latest Luciferian madness, some of them somewhat defeatist and some very interesting, we come to the conclusion that this is only the beginning of a national derangement, a putsch fostered by government, media and the gigantic corporations who basically control both.  They are pushing the public right to the wall, waiting to see just how far they can push.  Make no mistake: there will be other, worse derangements foisted upon us by those who lord it over the earth.

I am curious myself to know just what it will take before the dam finally breaks.  We cannot rely on the media obviously.  They will tell any tale, push any lie and absurdity with a straight face, to please their corporate owners and the swine who rule.  So them we can forget, and it wold be all  to the good if we began forgetting them post haste.

Every sane man and woman knows exactly what is coming with this rest room nonsense.  Pederasty, rape and murder.  Just ask Mr Philip Chism.  He is the pioneer here.  He is the Obama look-a-like who liked to follow ladies into the ladies room.  He is the first Big Case.  He wont be the last.

Chism is said to be a little, well, "insane".  Maybe he is just a budding sex pervert.  Sane or not he has paved the way for other sex perverts.  Despite the crime of Chism the demand increases for more like him to waltz into the little girl's room.  And the more obvious the absurdity is the more forcefully the absurdity will be demanded by government and business (a collusion classically known as "fascism").

There will be rapes, murders, molestations.  There will be lawsuits.  Lawsuits will be justified but how does that soothe the pain of a mother and dad looking at their slashed little girl?


Tehani Barton said...

I heard about this unisex potty business but what is the real purpose of it all? It is just too STUPID to stand on its own. Why would ANYONE want such a thing? I know I don't. I can't even tinkle if there is another woman occupying the stall twenty feet away. Don't get me wrong. If I need to "go" and a uni-potty is the only thing available I won't hesitate to use it. But then again I carry a Sig Sauer P938.

Anonymous said...

The devils are all out of hell and they are legion.
Social engineering.

Don't be queer. said...

An AFA petition targeting TARGET. There is a long list of news article links regarding bathroom assaults.

I do not shop Target anyway. It is a very low end store. Besides, they have been rumored to be overly queer friendly for years. Not hard to guess the meaning behind their big red bullseye logo.

Aged parent said...


These people are frothing-at-the-mouth deranged. That is not overstatement, hyperbole or hysteria. They're mad. They're worse than mad because they are doing something satanic. The real purpose of it is to degrade people. And the more they can be degraded the less of a threat they are to the elite who rule us.

Thank you for your comment.


This is most certainly of the devil - and exactly what Belloc predicted would happen when the "new paganism" takes root, which it has.

Don't be queer:

I did see that afa article. Thanks much. I would still go to Target, politely ask to speak to the store manager and then with blood in your eye tell him plainly what you think about this. We need to make them quake in their boots.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you are familiar with this ruling which protects rapists
but look at the comments, they are already blaming Christians for this.
This is a vile trend all over the internet, special armies of trolls spreading anti-Christian hatred. They are blaming Christians for their own persecution, for instance like saying that Stalin was a Christian.
And no, it's not the Russians who are doing this, but their old enemies. Theirs and the entire humanity's.

Aged parent said...


No, I was not aware of that "ruling". Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the hatemongers have been on the prowl for years. They get it shoved up their noses alot too.

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