Friday, February 19, 2016

The Laughable George Clooney

It is hard not to laugh at George Clooney.

The poor fellow cannot act and has no screen personality.  That is a given.  His family connections got him to Hollywood. A simpleton who imagines himself to be a great intellect, Clooney fancies himself a moral hero while he lionizes sodomy.  His movies are forgettable trash that appeal to those who enjoy quick jolts of entertainment bereft of ideas, humanity or even humor.

When mumbling your lines and giving the appearance of fake toughness on the screen wins you plaudits from the celeb drones who inhabit the world's movie theatres it becomes clear you don't have to expend much effort in improving your acting skills or lack thereof.  You can coast along until the public gets tired of you.

And they do get tired of you sooner than you think.  Think Kevin Kostner (remember him?)  Mr Kostner's only public appearances these days are when he is in the doctor's office dropping off urine samples.  Mr Kostner couldn't act either.  He was gloriously inept in the profession of acting. Bad as he was he was not much different from Mr Clooney, who will be forgotten soon enough.

But now Mr Clooney believes he is a statesman of sorts (!) and is angling to meet some heads of state. The first one on his list is Frau Merkel whom he believes is panting to meet him.  Maybe she is. In her doltish behavior she perhaps sees in him a kindred spirit.

Possibly this actor views the Merkel-Clooney Summit as his ticket into the history books.

As I said, Mr Clooney is laughable.


Anonymous said...

A self-important "goy" who was married to a jewess at one time. He has danced to the tune of the Tribe and been on his knees to them, his whole career.
As you pointed out, another no-talent (Kevin Costner), who is a jew, made a mint during the 1980's and '90's. His "acting" was laughable too.
I dismiss all of these types that fancy themselves "influential", as so much fluff in the wind. They are used by politicians to bask in their celebrity shine.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon. I've always thought it immensely amusing when Hollywood types pronounce on the major issues of the day.

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