Friday, April 10, 2015

Mr Obama declares war....on free will?

Megalomania ultimately leads to death and madness.  And killing.  Behold the Emperor of the Earth, Barack Obama, now declaring war on free will.  He is a merciless killer of the innocent, a classic war criminal, and in his mind he now believes he can dispense with free will altogether:

This megalomaniac wants to stop the practice of helping homosexuals give up their self-destructive manner of living by "outlawing" any kind of therapy that attempts to lead them into healthy, normal lives.

Will dragging priests out of Confessionals who absolve sinners of the sin of sodomy be next?  Yes, I'm afraid it will.  And we can imagine what kind of fierce fight against that will be put up by our religious leaders.

Can anyone tell me if any other dictator in history has ever dared to impose such a thing on the citizens he ruled over?  Has there ever in history been a man and a nation so committed to a death wish of this sort? Yes, this monster will be gone in 2016 but everyone knows that this campaign to enforce buggery will not stop with his exit from the scene.  Another Democratic monster or Republican idiot will continue on as before.

Is there a physical power that can stop this, or at least slow it down?  Oddly enough, there is - if those who hold that power would ever dare use it.  I am not speaking of the helpless people, who really have little to no power.  I am speaking of the Catholic Bishops.  If they would but open their mouths to denounce this demonic enterprise for what it is, loudly and long, the powers-that-be would pause.  Of course predictions are always "iffy" but I do not believe the federal or state governments are yet ready to incarcerate the entire populace.  Close, to be sure, but not necessarily ready to move.  The Bishops by their very God-given words clarifying the teachings of Christ and His Church would strike fear into this particular Beast.  It is a power they have but will not use.  Some Bishops are stirring to the danger ahead but not enough.  Oh, they will be retaliated against of course.  Let them retaliate.  Let them expose the cloven hoof a little bit more.  I often wonder if Bishops realize the power God has placed in their hands.

This is indeed a madman who is running America.  A hypocrite who condemns Christian violence while sending drones to kill innocents overseas and doing everything in his power to keep the crime of abortion legal.  He is a man without feeling, without empathy, a sociopath who never considers the evil he has wrought. He is a puppet of Wall Street and of Israel (don't be fooled by the "good cop, bad cop" game being played just now), and of all the enemies of Christendom.  He, like Bush, Clinton, et al, is a symbol of everything that is askew with the world.  Like all megalomaniacs he will imagine he can change the laws of nature.  He is Marcus Aurelius' mad son Commodus.

Being a puppet he cannot fill this rather tall order all by himself.  His Masters who control the corporate world and the media will do the job for him.  He is but the figurehead.  It is the Haim Sabins and Sheldon Adelsons of the world,  the Kochs and the Soroses, who make him and his fellow Democrats, and their supposed Republican "rivals", dance.  [Sabin and Soros fund the Democrats; the Koch brothers and Adelson support the Republicans.  But they all support sodomy so don't waste too much time rooting for either candidate in the upcoming election.]

These ancestors of the Pharisies.will continue to do what they always do and what they have always been trying to do for 2,000 years.


Gervase Crouchback said...

I enjoy this website but i have to ask mate ,you seem to have Jews in your crosshairs . are you antisemitic or are you anti these people who just happen to be Jewish.
I get angry at antisemitism but I also get annoyed at young Australian Jewish men who join the Israeli Army when they will not join ours.However one young Israeli born Australian,who lived out here for years,joined our Army and was killed in Afghanistan.

Aged parent said...

Thanks for your comment, Gervase, and thanks for visiting the blog.

The Jewish question you referred to is, of course, a touchy subject and it requires that Catholics utilize both charity and honesty when dealing with it or discussing it. But if I may, let us try to get a definition of "antisemitism" out of the way first. This word, by the way, was coined only relatively recently by a Jewish writer and it is, at best, a dicey word. For example, the Arabs of Palestine, Christian and Muslim, are undoubtedly semites, so when we use the term "antisemitism" who is it, exactly, we are referring to? Arabs, Syrians, Jews, Iranians? All of them are of the semitic race.

But back to definitions. Catholics and Jews have entirely different meanings when they use that word. For a Catholic, it is a sin to hate someone because of his race; a Catholic who has animus towards an Arab or a Jew simply because they are of the semitic race is committing a sin. I needn't remind anyone that Jesus, charmingly and lovingly once referred to by Mr Belloc as "a Syrian peasant" was of course of the semitic race. To hate, therefore, anyone of the race from which Jesus came, is not Catholic.

Now the Jews, particularly, have an altogether different meaning when they use the would, though they are somewhat cagey about it. Some Jews, for example, have the same meaning for the term as Catholics do. But too many Jews, especially the rich and powerful among them, would define an "antisemite" as someone the Jews don't like. Hence the frequency with which that word is hurled at anyone who criticizes, for example, the terrible actions of the Jews in the Holy Land or the state of Israel. [TO BE CONTINUED]

Aged parent said...


A Catholic has no right to hate a Jew or an Arab because of their race, but they have every right - indeed the obligation - to criticize their behavior. Thus, when we see the Israelis massacring over 2,000 men, women, and children like they did last year in Gaza we must criticize, if we are Catholics, their appalling behavior. Of course to criticize that massacre will bring on charges of "Antisemitism" which, of course, is utterly ludicrous.

So it is not the Jews who I have in my crosshairs, but bad Jewish behavior. I try to be somewhat circumspect but when it comes to these slaughters of the innocent which the Zionists carry out on a regular basis I must speak out. I will also speak out against such disguisting Jews as Sheldon Adelson, Haim Sabin, the Kochs, etc who bankroll our disgusting Republicans and our disgusting Democrats and who throw millions into the efforts to bring the unnatural vice of sodomy into the mainstream. In one of our idiot Vic President Joe Biden's comments recently made he thanked the powerful Jewish interests in Hollywood and the media for promoting the criminal insanity known as "same sex marriage". And it is no secret that most influential Jews support these attacks on Catholicism and human decency because of what one writer calls their revolutionary spirit. I am not talking about the kind Jewish baker or butcher who works hard to feed his family; I am talking about the anti-Catholic spirit that animates so many influential Jews who are doing terrible things right now.

We must pray for them. Pray for their conversion to Catholicism. Indeed, Catholicism is the natural birthright of the Jews. We need to do that because we recognize that for 2,000 years they have been a powerful force against the teachings of Christ. To see just how powerful they are right now we merely have to look on with amazement at their ability to veto Canonizations in the Catholic Church, or listen to some high-ranking prelates who tell us that the Old Covenant, which Jesus Christ Himself replaced with the New, is salvific for Jews!. Imagine, Church leaders condemning these poor people to never become baptized, which is the only thing that will wipe the stain of Original Sin from their souls and give them a chance at Heaven. Christ didn't say, "go and baptize everyone except the Jews". He said, "all nations". So when our cowardly Churchmen don't try to convert them or cower in fear over their enormous power and talk rubbish like some have done with regard to the Old Covenant they are sinning against the direct command of God, and condemning untold millions of Jews.

Many bloggers, I know, avoid this question, and I respect that. They have other fish to fry. Some avoid it out of a poor understanding of the Church's role vis-a-vis the Jewish people while some avoid it because they have a fear of the subject. And then some, tragically, have accepted the falsehoods spread by the revolutionary Jews themselves and will not see the necessity of praying for them.

I want to see the Jews on the road to Heaven and that road begins at Baptism. Without that there is only one other road, and I don't want to see any semite take that road.

Thanks you again, Gervase, for writing. Your comments are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with almost everything in your article. Except that I find it odd that you believe Obama is a friend of Israel. I think it's pretty clear by now Obama in in the side of Muslims.

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon,

Thank you for commenting.

Frankly, I would say that Obama is on the side on what I and many have called International Finance, that group of super rich influential corporatists who wield tremendous power over politicians and countries and whose influence has brought much misery to the world. He is a puppet of Wall Street, like so many other presidents.

As to why I believe that Obama is a friend of Israel - and why I look upon this current "rift" between them with a jaundiced eye - is because I have never seen him do anything substantial against Israeli interests. I have heard that Obama does not like Netanyahu, which I can believe. Very few world leaders like that war criminal. But then, Obama is also a war criminal so I don't see a lot of difference between them. As for this Iran business, its clear to everyone - including Israeli intelligence - that Iran does not have nuclear weapons, does not ever want nuclear weapons and has no intention of ever building them. The propaganda against Iran is mostly emanating from Israel which wants to be the hegemon in the Middle East and is paranoid about any other country that might sympathize with some of the victims of Israeli aggression. I don't know what motivates Obama in securing an agreement against a threat that doesn't exist; perhaps he is just sick of wars. I don't know. The agreement is farcical since there was never any nuclear threat from Iran in the first place.

Regarding the Muslims: just as there are many different varieties of Protestants there are many different varieties of Muslims. They are not a unified, monolithic body even if Hollywood doesn't think so. Syrians and Iranians, for example, want to live in peace with their neighbors. Syria protects its Christian population (as did Iraq, by the way, before the US demolished that country at the bidding of Israeli interests). So it's not helpful to lump all Muslims together; it just gives a false picture of the area if one does that. Sure, their religion is a false one, but that doesn't mean they are all out to kill Christians. ISIS, on the other hand, is a group of crazed fanatics - but don't forget that they were created, financed and trained by the US and Israel, an interesting fact.

Here is an interesting article by Jewish writer Eric Margolis:

Gervase Crouchback said...

Thanks for that clarification and for clearly showing that we must pray for the conversion of the Jews.
Someone posted on my FB wall a picture of Syrian tank heading for Jewish settlements and it was hit by a hand launched phosphorous rocket. The person who posted it praised God for protecting Israel.I asked what if one of the tankcrew was a Christian? I got " would hope that a Syrian Christian would not be coming against an Israeli settlement to kill innocent people. If he was forced to do it as a soldier, I guess he would be in presence of the Lord now."
I just dont get how these people can say God is with Israel and the condemn Arab Christians- who are having a hard time.
In two weeks Australia and New Zealand commemorate 100 years since our troops landed on Gallipoli in Turkey. we were defeated-we make that our NaTIONAL dAY OF Commemoration -April 25th . i hope to be attending Mass at the Armenian Catholic Church since it is also 100 years since the Genocide-perhaps caused by the ANZAC (aUSTRALIAN & nEW zEALAND ARMY CORPS) landings. Lest we forget.

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