Thursday, December 4, 2014


We had hoped that our dire predictions about Hungary being the next target of the United States were premature.  We didn't think the USA would be brazen enough or arrogant enough to pull off this scenario again so soon after its success in Kiev in February. It looks as though that was wishful thinking.  The regime-change black operation has apparently now begun:

That Hungary and its president, Victor Orban, quite unnecessarily played into their hands by introducing an internet tax, which was quickly abandoned, and which gave the US/EU regime changers a piece of ammunition that worked very well at first, is not the primary reason why pandemonium broke out.  That alone does not account for the violence of the demonstration nor the familiar chants uttered by the crowds.  The idea of 100,000 people suddenly congregating in Budapest over a tax that would have amounted to $24 per annum seems a trifle far-fetched.  Clearly something else is at play here and it is not hard to discover what and who is behind this sudden massive demonstration.  It looks very much like a replay of Ukraine, and for much the same reason.

One quote from the article stood out like a sore thumb:

"Orban is guilty before European democracy in a number of ways. As the father of five children, he resolutely opposes attempts to register the cohabitation of same-sex couples as ‘marriage’. He was also opposed to economic sanctions against Russia, calling them nonsensical, and saying they would do more harm to EU countries than to Russia."

How fascinating that the triumph of the homosexual perversion is so high on the regime changers' want list.  It is so high that any country or president who dares to say "no" to sex perversion is headed for destruction.  Bullying, indeed.

Orthodox, Catholic, Muslim, it doesn't matter; their blood will be gleefully spilled by the Usual Suspects of America once again in their demented program of grabbing as much wealth as they possibly can, looting as many nations of their natural resources as they can and enriching the oligarchs and plutocrats as fast as they can.  And, of course, corrupting the populace with their constant, unrelenting promotion of sodomy, abortion and every other kind of moral evil that crosses their minds.

Our one wish is that our fellow American Catholics would take note of these kinds of events.  For we are involved in a true religious war which pits a powerful pagan empire against not only other countries which refuse to adopt its paganism but its own citizens as well.  All wars are religious, so the wise tell us, and this one certainly has a religious dimension.

This pagan empire now has its eyes trained on little Hungary.

St Stephen, pray for them.

[This just in:  The Official Senate Lunatic John McCain has just pronounced the death sentence of Hungary:]


Anonymous said...

It is way past time to put clowns like McCain out to pasture. Let him rave at the TV in an old-folks home somewhere - with Boxer & Feinstein right next to him.

In the comments of the linked article, there is already someone jumping right on the "dictator" bandwagon. I can't believe that people refuse to think for themselves, but there it is...

Aged parent said...

Anon says: "Let him rave at the TV in an old-folks home somewhere - with Boxer & Feinstein right next to him."

Great, great line!

Anonymous said...

It is strange, almost paradoxical to say this, but before 1989 when the Berlin Wall came down, Eastern Europe was 'protected' from the worst effects of moral degeneracy and decay
The commies permitted abortion and easy divorce, both serious evils, but they drew the line at homosexuality and pornography. They knew the consequences.
One answer, perhaps THE only answer, is for the Church to resume its role as the Church Militant. A role it sadly abandoned in the aftermath of VC11 as it slid silently into adjusting itself to be a dutiful and compliant cog in the New World Order machine.

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