Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Gaza, 15 July 2014
The official narrative of events in the Holy Land usually goes something like this: the new homeland for the Jews is continually under fire from fanatical Arab terrorists and thus the so-called State of Israel must defend itself.

The Mad Hatter could not have explained it better.

But the actuality is somewhat different from the official line being given us by the usual suspects.  So, for a little truth, an example of noteworthy courage, and a saga of hope, we thought those readers interested in finding out what is really going on over there might find this report of value:

You wont find this on the websites of the jihad watchers whose simplistic view of events in Palestine are the result of years of absorbing propaganda rather than digging for the facts.  You will not find this in the US mainstream media because that media is owned by six giant corporations headed by the ethnic brothers of the oppressors of these Christians.  And you certainly wont find it coming from our government which is in thrall to the very same oppressors and corporate interests.

But we need stories of Christianity, courage and hope, especially now as the Israeli goliath continues to slaughter the innocents.


Dymphna said...

Thank you for posting this.

Aged parent said...

You are welcome, Dymphna.

Anonymous said...

A very moving and interesting article. It is very surprising to see it published on bbc web page!
Although the bbc is funded by a coercive tax, ie. license fee, on British viewers, the control of programs is increasingly under the thumb of "the usual suspects". Particularly current affairs and children's programs.

aly said...

I have read from various sources that in Jewish Law old and not old that collective punishment by Jews toward non-Jews is the law. If one non-Jew offends or commits a crime against a Jew(s) a village can be punished by the Jewish Authority. That would include crippling and murdering a village. In this case that would be the Occupied Territory, a people.
I have heard specifically about an old Catholic family in Jerusalem who the Jews confiscated their property which was substantial in that it was residences and housed a large number of families. I'm still trying to find the name because I unfortunately have not recalled and it was some time ago.

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