Thursday, March 27, 2014


...others call it something else.

When the Popes of the past had to deal with murderers, footpads and persecutors of the Church they did it a little differently.

And then there is the "walk to Canossa", something our recent Popes seem to have forgotten:

Diplomacy is one thing but adherence to the words of Our Lord is another.


Consecrate Russia or get off the Throne! said...

Would you or any other decent person sit at table or socialize otherwise with these murderous antiChrist bastards? Shame on every single one of the popes pictured. God have mercy on them for their graceless stupidity and traitorous infidelity to Christ.

Our Lord refused even to speak to Herod the pervert and murderer. Herod was not worse than this THING that calls itself "obama".

Anonymous said...

As head of state the pope is obliged to meet other heads of state.
He has little choice in the matter.

As pope of the catholic church he is obliged to work for their salvation and if meeting non-catholics for their conversion to catholicism.

One problem is that there are two men currently allowed use the title of Pope.

The other problem is that the pope claiming legitimacy has stated that proselytism ie converting others to catholicism, is in his own words "solemn nonsense".

Aged parent said...


Thanks for the comment.

You bring up an interesting point vis--a-vis the Pope being a head of state, and that he has little choice in the matter. I answered that in the articles linked, regarding Popes Leo the Great and Hildebrand. The easy way out of that would be to say, "well, that was a long time ago." But while that phrase may assuage a few consciences, it doesn't stand up to close scrutiny. The Pope is the Vicar of Christ first, and a head of state second. When the two conflict, as they most certainly do when Popes meet swine like Obama or Clinton or Netanyahu for example, he is sending a strong, conflicting message to the faithful, a message that suggests, even if it does not completely endorse, compromise with evil. Obviously, Francis is not going to stand up and say, "Yes I support sodomy and abortion like my friend Mr Obama". But by meeting with him in a light, joking and informal way he is sending dangerous signals. It is the same thing as when Dolan and Wuerl hobnob with our persecutors.

I think I can be forgiven if I doubt that Francis was trying to convert Obama or Netanyahu when he met them. Those two gentlemen were looking for a photo-op to cover their crimes and the Pope(s) gave it to them. You are correct in stating that he is obliged to work for their salvation but I am more than a little skeptical that he even made the attempt to do so.

But I am grateful for your thoughtful comment - and I am grateful for the comment of Consecrate Russia.

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