Tuesday, May 21, 2013


From an article in Britain's Daily Mail:

 "At a vigil on Saturday evening, Francis said Catholics must become courageous and seek out the people who need help the most rather than sitting around, dissecting theology."

I do hope that this is an unfortunate translation of what he really said.  In that statement, if it is true, the Holy Father in one fell swoop tells us that theology is not terribly important and that we should all feel guilty for not doing enough to help the poor.  I say it again:  I hope this is not what he said.

The dictionary defines theology thusly:   "the study of religious faith, practice, and experience; especially : the study of God and of God's relation to the world."  This is not important anymore?   Is it not true that the study of God and God's relation to the world automatically requires us, among many other things, to help the poor?  When one hears words like this, coupled with all the somewhat showy kissing and hugging and Pope-with-the-poor photo-ops, one inwardly shudders.  The entire Catholic Faith is collapsing as is evidenced by what is occurring in Churches, institutions, many seminaries and convents, universities, etc. and our Holy Father thinks we should not be too concerned over the study of God?  I trust I am permitted to mention that I am glad St Thomas Aquinas did not say such a thing.

Pope Francis has gotten a sort of reputation of late of speaking off the cuff, with little preparation, often blurting out thoughts that suddenly come into his head.  Some of those thoughts are, to be sure, heartening.  But others, like the one above, less so.  I hesitate to say it but it seems that in some of these remarks the pontiff doesn't appear to be taking his job too seriously.

As this writer has said before, we watch, and wait.  But while we are waiting a growing concern is engulfing not a few people.  Priests, nuns and Bishops run amok...and Rome answers by silence.

We must have trust in the Supreme Head of Christ's Church.  But if I may dare to say so we also require evidence.

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Anonymous said...

The Pope recently warned not to let
the Church become a mere NGO. But now is he saying it's most important mission NGOism as long as
we daily remember it is the Jesus NGO? No One Catholic Theology, No One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.
And it collapses around us and they all fall down. .
I too have thought that same thought. Does he take his job seriously? Does he have a different
idea of what his job is? I guess we
will continue to wait, watch and pray.

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