Thursday, November 29, 2012


Movies made by degenerates, for degenerates

 The FOX channel, owned by the devout Jew Rupert Murdoch, is about to fling at the public yet another product emerging from its troubled intestines, a television offering entitled "An American Horror Story: Asylum".  This rubbish, made by degenerates for degenerates, is the usual pornographic assault on the Catholic Church and is totally unworthy of any serious discussion, save this:  it is further proof that the dripping jaws of the jackals are coming closer to the Church, aided and abetted by the usual suspects and the sleeping US Episcopate which raises few if any words of protest.

Firstly, does anybody watch this garbage?

One cannot imagine a normal family, or even a hard-working adult coming home from their daily labors and sitting down to watch such things.  Who actually could sit through it?  The ads say that you should only watch it if you are an adult; I would say you should only watch it if you are daft.  What adult would subject himself to it?  Perhaps I am living in the Stone Age of television watching, where the average viewer was gifted with sophistication, some culture and innate good taste - the type of viewer that would appreciate thoughtful television programs.  Are there really now creatures lurking about who would sit through this crap without throwing up?

As for the "talents" who make such things...well, I don't think that even the combined skills of the nitwits, pederasts and Christ Despisers who create today's tv offerings would make anyone with enough sense to tie their own shoes want to sully themselves by looking at it.  The only people I could imagine wanting to watch this would be the same kind who enjoy bear-baiting.

Here is a good project for His Eminence, the Cardinal-Archbishop of New York, the jolly Timothy Dolan.  Your Eminence: remove that wonderful smile from your face and replace it with a look of grim determination.  Hop into a cab and go to the FOX headquarters in New York.  Don't ask for an appointment; don't talk with them on the phone beforehand.  Just go over there, walk right up to the office of the CEO and give him a taste of Hell.  Don't be patient; don't be nice.  Give the bastard hell.  Don't reason with him; one doesn't reason with soulless money grubbers.  Don't dine with him.  Don't laugh with him.  Just give him hell.

If he offers you a generous contribution for your favorite Catholic charity to placate you, throw the money back in his face.

Afterwards, start writing about this in your diocesan paper, on your website, anywhere you like.  Again, Your Eminence, the time for niceties is over.  The Bride of Christ has been mocked, sullied, pornofied and belittled.  When you face God one day, He is not going to ask you if you were pleasant to the CEO of Fox News or to his boss, the devout Jew Rupert Murdoch; He is going to ask you what you did to defend the Bride of His Son.

Your Eminence, the ball is now in your court.


Carmen said...

Lots of excellent comments in that! A good project for Cardinal Jolly Dolan that's for sure. Too bad you aren't his boss so you can tell him. Too bad the boss he does have won't tell him. Don't clerics like him have any family that cares enough about him to correct and guide him? Maybe they would if they weren't Novus Ordos. I often wonder the same thing with people like Pelosi and Biden. Doesn't anybody love them?

BTW, last I heard the GM of Fox News was a Novus Ordo catholic. Shame.

Aged parent said...

Thank you for your comment, Carmen. I had no idea the CEO was a Catholic. Incredible.

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