Saturday, March 31, 2012


With thanks to the excellent blog The Eponymous Flower for informing us that Bill Donohue, the cut-rate Abe Foxman, has come charging to the defense of the indefensible. He has decided to defend the unspeakable Cardinal Wuerl against a brilliantly scathing attack by writer George Neumayr in THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR.

One must feel some measure of pity for Donohue. He is quite out of his league here and his attempts to defend his beloved Cardinal against the wholly justified indignation of Mr Neumayr are embarrassing.

But one thing is clear, at least to this writer: the Cardinal is lining up friends on "the Right" to defend him. It is a clever ploy. It is obviously meant to assuage the concerns (are there any?) that Rome might have over this incident. Will this ploy work?

Yes, if Catholic writers in print or on the internet let this story disappear down the Memory Hole or allow themselves to be bullied into silence. But it is to be hoped that Catholic writers will not be silent on this gravely serious situation.

And it is remotely possible that the Cardinal will begin to see the colossal error of his ways and start to undo the damage, for the good not only of the Church but his own soul.

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