Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vincent Nichols Can Help Stop going away.

The Vatican, whoever is speaking for it these days, God knows who because we certainly don't, has involved itself in another secular feel-good campaign by recognizing something called "World AIDS Day". If we brush aside the predictably trite boilerplate platitudes emanating from someone, somewhere in Rome we could stop for a moment and think about what the Vatican could do to combat this dreaded plague.

And suddenly the simple answer pops up: fire Vincent Nichols forthwith.

Here is a man who masquerades as the Bishop of Westminster encouraging sodomy (and, obviously, the diseases that spring from it) by proclaiming that he is quite all right with homosexual "civl unions". Since those who are engaged in the vice of buggery are the chief ones responsible for the AIDS epidemic, and are the ones desiring legal recognition of their poofery, and since His Lordship approves of their continuing to live in this unnatural state, by removing him as Bishop of Westminster and replacing him with someone who is Catholic the Vatican could do its little bit to start eliminating AIDS (not to mention hepatitus-B). Simple, no?

Alas, it's too simple for a Vatican that has seemingly lost its sensus Catholicus. To those who know how to pray, pray that the present Pope grows a backbone or, failing that, that God at last sends a Restorer to Peter's Chair.

With thanks to LifeSite News for the following:

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Oscar Mannheim said...

"Pray that the present Pope grows a backbone."

Referencing an old (1959)and relatively dreadful horror film: "Scream! Scream for your lives! The Tingler is loose in the theater!"

Backbones aren't in style these days. Would that it were otherwise!

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