Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dear Churchmen, do not worry

The stench of sodomy is destroying the Church from the lowest pew to the Vatican.  Countless souls are going to hell because of this vice, a vice so awful that even the Devil, having tempted men into committing this mortal sin, looks away in disgust.  Unless these poor, wretched souls confess and receive absolution and amend their lives they will be eternally damned.

There, Your Excellencies, Your Holinessses, Reverend Fathers, we've said it now so you don't have to.  Now you can go back to what you were doing and not have to worry any longer about preaching against this vice. You can continue with your photo-ops, your meetings with the high and the mighty, you can revel in all the good press you will receive from the media and sodomite-friendly presidents, and you don't need to be bothered with telling anyone they are living in a state of mortal sin.

We'll do that for you.  We laymen, writers, bloggers, people in the pew...we'll relieve you of your duty to teach since you apparently aren't terribly interested in doing so.  Don't preach sermons telling Catholics that contraception, abortion and sodomy are destroying souls and destroying countries. That's not your job.  Your job is to train altar girls, and make sure we're all participating at what you call a Mass and things like that.

We'll take the hits, the lawsuits, the persecutions, the destruction of our livelihoods (perhaps even our lives, I guess) the opprobrium of the media and everyone else.  We bakers and photographers will see our businesses ruined, our reputations torn to shreds, our bank accounts disappear simply for the pleasure of relieving you of the burden to teach faith and morals.  And you don't even have to visit us in jail if you don't want to.

We'll watch our own churches shun us, or former Catholic friends abandon us and our pastors studiously ignore us.  We accept this because we know you don't wish to get your hands dirty by teaching the Faith. You can continue to golf, go to the movies, sit on your thrones, smell your sheep, get interviewed on TV, receive the goodwill of impostors, heretics, blasphemers and haters of Christ.  Don't worry; we'll do your fighting for you.

You have more important things to do.  You have to scurry to Rome and share a glass of wine with the cowards who connive with our oppressors.  You have to worry about the environment, about saying anything Christ-like that might offend rabbis or Hindus (Heaven forbid that you try to convert them!), There are meetings with Happy Clubs and Happy Organizations you must address.  You must extol diversity and Welcoming.  This is what you must do.

So please don't trouble yourselves about having anything to do with Catholicism.  Continue to sit on your collective rumps and enjoy the cheers of the crowd.

Because, as I said, I guess we'll have to do your job for you.


  1. Surely the answer to this profound crisis is to restore the married priesthood. It was the norm until 1050?

    1. Dear anon, it is absolutely not true that a married priesthood was ever the "norm", or that celibacy dates from the 1050s. There were married priests here and there going back to the early church, but they were always expected to be sexually abstinent, even within marriage. This is very well attested. Please see:

      Or read "Apostolic Origins of Priestly Celibacy" by Fr. Christian Cochini.

    2. How in the name of all that is holy would that help ANYTHING?

  2. Homosexual sodomy is a small problem. Less than 3 percent of the population engages in such acts. Now, heterosexual sodomy is much more widespread and I'm not really sure why it's not talked about. I guess because it's easy to be against sins you are never tempted by.

  3. Anon@6:00pm

    The problem is that they don't talk about ANY sins anymore. I'm trying to remember the last time I heard anything on sexual morality from the pulpit - and I attend a traditional Mass said by a French order.

    As far as homosexuality being a small problem I might think twice about that. That vice has the ability to take down nations. Recently the eminent Roberto de Mattei pointed out that fact, and gave evidence.


    I am not sure when the Catholic Church began insisting on celibacy but I doubt very much allowing a married clergy now would solve a homosexual catastrophe.

  4. You are correct, for the most part, the fight is being fought by the orthodox Catholic laity (the heterodox fight as well, but for the other side).

    Of course, the priests who do fight are never heard from again, such as Fr. Guarnizo. Any who show some will to fight are gotten rid of, whether they are simple parish priests or Cardinals.

    I really don't know what to suggest, except that our prayer responsibilities are just that much greater. If you are not saying a daily rosary, you are not doing even the minimum. It is not only ourselves for whom we must pray, but for the wolves, hirelings and cowards also. Beyond that, all of the scattered sheep need our prayers, too.

    It is pretty grim. But we must hold on and trust in God.

  5. You cannot serve two Masters, Anonymous #1.

    St. Paul "He that is without a wife is solicitous for the things that belong to the Lord, how he may please God. But he that is with a wife, is solicitous for the things of the world, how he may please his wife: and he is divided."

    The Lord Jesus Christ said "And there are eunuchs, who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven." And then "...he who can accept it, let him accept it".

    Besides, normal men do not engage in perverse sexual behavior for lack of a woman. As the spouse of a prison guard I can assure you of that.

  6. If college football coaches were allowed to marry, there would be no perversion.

    eg. Penn State

  7. Well, I'd have to say you hit every nail on the head. They would do well to read this critique, but they won't. As for comments on the relationship of homosexuality and celibacy -- ther is none. Homosexuality is an adaptation to a trauma -- what that trauma might be... they are infinite. But whatever the trauma is, it is inadequately addressed by the parents. Often the truma is inadequate fathering. Fathers are too absent from home, often overburdend by careers. It is a deficiency of the industrial, and now cyber age. What are we to do? Sacrifice is the only answer.

  8. And we shouldn't forget, most often today's offenders were yesterday's victims. We need to pray for each other, a lot.

  9. Anonymous, I want you to keep in mind that those who approve of this sin are participants in this no, it isn't a small problem anymore.


  10. Homosexual sodomy is not a small problem. It's a HUGE problem since many are CONFIRMNG those, who do such a thing, in their sin. That's a lot of people. We have much to repent and do penance for. Assuming this is trivial or unimportant are not battle hardened.

  11. \\a vice so awful that even the Devil, having tempted men into committing this mortal sin, looks away in disgust. \\

    I wouldn't know. I try to stay far enough away from the Devil so I don't know which direction s/he's looking.

  12. for a serious vocational remedy, see

  13. Praying is necessary and there is no such thing as too much prayer. But action is needed also. Had our bishops led ten million Catholics into the streets in peaceful protest years ago when homosexual marriage was first being promoted, we would not be having this discussion today. Unless you think God is going to do a Sodom and Gomorrah redux on San Francisco, and other hot spots, we have to get off the duff and become politically active and demand respect for not only the Church, but its teachings. Even the Pope cannot change Biblical Truth. The apostate clergy running things will get their just deserts at judgment; we as the faithful, must cling to the true Faith and put on the armor of God and do what our ancestors did to defend the Church and the Faith.

  14. This is spot on. Thanks for the excellent post.

  15. Honestly, I am not even hearing any of this from the Traditional pulpits either. It seems to me that once traditional orders get a foothold in a diocese, they become lukewarm so as not to attract the attention of their Bishop. There is more to traditional Catholicism than the Holy Latin Mass my dear Fathers! I don't think your duty ends at bringing in those already attracted to the truth, you must convert your towns, cities, states, and countries as well!

  16. Come to my parish, Our Lady of the Gulf, in Pass Christian, MS. Father Michael O'Connor preaches on these issues often, and he even wrote a book, Sex, lies, and your future, which he freely distributed to the parishioners. There is hope, but I think my parish is unfortunately an exception. Thanks for your spot on article.

  17. According to the former Anglican priests (nearby parish) --married priests are NOT the answer. Both of the priests in that parish were married before converting to the Catholic Church. They are emphatic about how it is better that the clergy NOT BE MARRIED. So --I assume they know what they are talking about. Secondly, Christ wanted unmarried priests--

  18. Some good facts and statistics info about the problem of homosexuality on this new site -

  19. "And because iniquity hath abounded,
    the charity of many shall grow cold (Mt 24:12).” Just something for the author of this post and all of us to think about, in the times to come.

  20. I always find it a tad ironic that we condemn clergy for insufficient courage... via internet posts under pseudonyms read by a largely likeminded audience.

    Bryan Kirchoff
    St. Louis

  21. Dear Mr Kirchoff:

    Thanks much for the comment.

    Perhaps it would have been better for me to put into this post my personal contacts with a few priests and my Bishop on this very issue, wherein the priests essentially didn't want to think about it and my Bishop not bothering to answer me. These were respectful approaches to clergy that yielded no results and in one case not even the courtesy of an answer. I feel certain you may have experienced similar reactions when you encouraged your priest and Bishop to say something about this looming danger.

    A pseudonym is a standard device used by writers for centuries. Iguess if Mr Sam Clemens could do it we could, too.

    I really have no idea who all reads my posts, other than the fact that I have a fairly large international audience. Whether or not they are like-minded would be revealed in the comments they make.

    Thanks for writing. Your comments are always welcome here.

  22. From St. Brigid of Sweden (Patroness of Europe) -"Know this too: that if some pope concedes to priests a license to contract carnal marriage, God will condemn him to a sentence as great, in a spiritual way, as that which the law justly inflicts in a corporeal way on a man who has transgressed so gravely that he must have his eyes gouged out, his tongue and lips, nose and ears cut off, his hands and feet amputated, all his body's blood spilled out to grow completely cold, and finally, his whole bloodless corpse cast out to be devoured by dogs and other wild beasts. Similar things would truly happen in a spiritual way to that pope who were to go against the aforementioned preordinance and will of God and concede to priests such a license to contract marriage."

  23. In Matt. 19:32, we find Jesus' forthright teaching on marriage. To wit, God made them male and female that they should become one flesh. And no man shall separate them. The disciples protested that this is a hard saying. Jesus answered that "those to whom it is given" will have the grace to accept his word. The he goes on to explain that some are incapable of marriage "because they were born so,", some "because they were made so by others," and some because they have renounced marriage for the sake of the kingdom of God. Only those who can become "one flesh" can constitute a valid marriage. I content that those who are homosexual are incapable of marriage as well as those who are impotent. It is, therefore, my contention that a man who is homosexual cannot be validly ordained a priest. The priest functions "in persona Christi" and his bride is the Church. A woman cannot be ordained because of the imagery invoked here. To renounce marriage for the kingdom of heaven is to accept a celibate life for a wholehearted service to the Church. Celibacy is a solemn promise made at ordination to forego sexual relations. The celibate priest is a model for the virtues required for marriage: fidelity, self-sacrifice, patience and persevering love. Gay priests who say they understand celibacy simply as a promise not to marry, and who engage in promiscuous and predatory sex with other men, condemn themselves. This is a great scandal in the Church today and has become very public with outrageous affairs appearing as news in newspapers. To repeat: a man who is homosexual should not be allowed to enter a seminary nor can he be validly ordained.

  24. Thank you, Susan, for your thoughtful comment.